Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blackest Night? No Thanks...

DC Comics' "Blackest Night #1" is in stores today, kicking of their major summer event.

In a nutshell, "Blackest Night" has the villain Black Hand resurrected and recruited by the Guardian Scar to head the Black Lanterns. The Black Lanterns will be made up of deceased heroes from the DCU, including Firestorm, Earth-2 Superman, Martian Manhunter and, among others, Aquaman. (Read more about the storyline here.)

I won't whine about the story itself. I haven't read it, and I don't plan on reading it. But, a note to DC, this is not Aquaman:

Blackest Night Aquaman

Aquaman is a water-breathing, super-strong, telepathic Atlantean. NOT an undead space zombie with a magic ring. And garters, apparently.

The only redeeming thing I can take from all this is that maybe it will end with Aquaman being restored to the DCU in his proper form. But there are so many other ways this could have been accomplished.

I will leave the dissection and debate of the comics themselves to those who read them. Just wanted to have my say about my favorite character and the place he is in now. In my opinion, it's not a good place to be.

Check out The Aquaman Shrine or The Unofficial Aquaman Website for more in depth Aqua-info.


  1. Yep... DC is currently a travesty beyond travesty. Dan DiDio needs to be fired.

  2. Jeez, I hate most comics nowadays.

  3. I was enjoying this series when we were introduced to all the other colored lanterns but the violence and gloom of the black lanterns was a real turn off. To murder a family before committing suicide is just too real world evil for me. Reminds me of the sick stuff from Secret Identity. Sad really.

  4. i hate when they screw up our favorite characters...really i an ok with dick grayson, no really...

  5. it is a very dark way to go...maybe there will be a pleasant twist at the end, as you suggest.

  6. My biggest geek gripe with this storyline (and understand, I;m not reading it, only griping from the sidelines)is that Superman (whatever Earth he's part of) regenerates via a yellow sun - so even as a zombie his contact with a yellow sun would begin the regeneration process.

    I don't believe Superman could be a zombie at all.

  7. Jeff: They need to reboot the entire line, from scratch, NO exceptions.

    Zac: You are not the only one!

    Cal: Definitely too dark.

    Brian: Yeah, I hear ya.

    Tom: We can only hope.

    Bubba: Yeah, the whole thing seems contrived, and badly.

  8. after actually reading the first ish yesterday all i can say is i couldn't agree less. the darker the better. true there were a few ham fisted and unnecessary moments in there but there were also a lot of high points and major developments unfolding nicely too. i'll say this about it more things of note happened in this kickoff issue than the first 5 of Final Crisis. for a major DC event it had that going for it.

    but to each their own. we're still friends though ... right Wings? .... Wings?

  9. wiec?: All I can say is, I am glad you liked it. And let me know when the zombies are either back in their graves or back acting as super-HEROES.

    And yeah, to each their own, no worries here! :)