Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old Haunts

Old Haunts

I quietly enter a home oft visited
My grandmother's small cottage
The rooms are all so vivid today
In this long-gone place of yesterday

I sit in the backseat at the drive-in
With cars lined up side-by-side
Now, that lot is empty and gray
The movie stars long gone away

I walk the aisles of an old store
A place I worked so long ago
I see shelves with the items they bore
However this space exists no more

I pace a floor, crying child in hand
Trying not to wake another
Yet that nursery is now a den
And those children grown men

Too many of our old buildings
Stand no longer in this world
Existing now not of brick or steel
Only in memory, no longer unreal

Looking about the spaces of my now
Longing for the rooms of my then
Without a pause, I jaunt
Into my head, an old beloved haunt

Joseph Mello


  1. Yay! You kept the typo! Totally works, mind you.

  2. You been holding back on me Brother Joe. You got some made poetry skills. Seems that the kids inherited some writing genes. Nice work. I like your stuff alot.

  3. nicely played once again. nostalgic...some days i would go back, even if only in mind.

  4. a cold kiss,a cold breeze and "that's ok,it is just a beautiful ghost"..this was one of my dreams once,haunting still,a man dressed as a conquistador,probably one of my ancestor(?)lol.

    Really nice poem,you're really good at writing poetry.

  5. Indeed, do our old haunts exist? Even old landmarks which still are there, are they the same? My childhood home is still there, my mother still lives there, but it's not the same. Or is it? Would it be so, even if it were razed years ago? Is reality illusion, or vice versa, or perhaps neither?

  6. I like it. And so true what used to be is no more. As long as the memory never fades...

  7. Jeff: Thank you. Much appreciated.

    Cal: Thanks! Always doubt whether they will be well recieved, but always glad to hear they are liked.

    Brian: Thank you.

    tony: Yes, indeed!

    Candie: Thank you! :)

    Mr. Beautiful: Very true. We can never truly go back mentally, even if we can physically.

    subtorp: Yeah, gotta hold on to the memories!