Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Funny - Baby Blues

This week's Sunday Funny is one that is quite popular:

Baby Blues by Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman.

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My kids insist I am wrong, but this could be a snapshot of a moment at our house. In fact, many times over the years, we have seen our family experiences mirrored in the antics of the MacPherson family! Great to be able to laugh at the characters, and in turn, ourselves.

Baby Blues, a strip about two parents, their three kids and assorted family and friends, has been around since early 1990, and is now internationally syndicated. There have been over 20 books published collecting the comic strips, and there was even an animated cartoon for a brief time in 2000.

At the official site, you can read bios of the creators Scott and Kirkman; view the archives; check out a family tree; view a scrapbook; purchase related items and sift through the "junk drawer".


  1. Reminds me of old Marvin strips for some reason.

  2. Oh Baby Blues is way better than the Marvin strips ( which can still be found in a few papers )I oft find myself relatin gto some of the antics ans stunts the kids pull, especially Hammie.

    Wings, thanks for the link and great choice!

  3. i feel like they are writing about my family, too. lol. although i tend to lather it coffee, it does tend to help. smiles.

  4. How about "Sucking the Life Out of You"? That's how I describe the parental process of child rearing. my husband and I are just now weaning the second son who turns 21 in August. He just moved back in for the summer and we're waiting with baited breath for September when he and his friend, also living here, leave for Arizona.

    I loved it when they were little though. They were adorable, mischievous and full of energy. I think they took most of mine!

  5. We actually have four kids (ages 12,8,5 and 3), and these comics really hit home with us. They are so funny because they are so wonderfully accurate. Great post!

  6. Jeff: Egad, NO! Marvin is HORRIBLE!!!

    Subtorp: Yes, my younger son reminds me of Hammie all the time. If Zoe was more teenager-ish, I am guessing I would see my daughter in her, too!

    Brian: Coffee flows freely here, too. :)

    California Girl: Wow. That was a dose of honesty! Hope the Summer goes well (and quickly) for you all! :)

    Nicole: Yeah huh!!! ;)

    Gilligan: Yes indeed. I often say to my kids that the creators have a camera hidden here, somewhere! hahahaha