Thursday, July 30, 2009

Escape from Rocky Mountains


Snake made his way down the litter-lined street, his eyes alert for trouble. Not that he was expecting any, but one never knows. He had made enemies of some very bad people. And they were the type to hang out in this part of town, and at this God-forsaken hour.

Yet, so far, nothing out of the ordinary concerned him. Bums, mostly, but no one he couldn't take with one hand tied behind his back. Their stench was worse than any physical threat they posed. He walked around the few who chose a piece of sidewalk for their bed.

A small grouping of young men lingered across the street, under one of the few working lamps. Snake smirked at the sight of them, all tough and angry. And so young. He thought of himself a few short years ago, just as clueless then as these kids were now.

As he rounded the corner, he was immediately plunged into blackness. A single street lamp was lit, creating a cone of light in a tunnel of dark.

Then his eyes caught sight of her.

Frankly, she was hard to miss. She was the only other person on the street. That he could see, anyway.

As if the light was meant for her alone, she stood in its center, one hand on her hip, the other holding a long cigarette. Her height was exaggerated by too-high heels and a skirt so short he didn't see a need for it.

As he grew closer, his attention was pulled from her legs to her chest. The top she wore was taut, to say the least. It was red and shiny, probably faux leather. Obviously, she needed help getting into it. And out of it.

He stopped short of the circle of light that surrounded her. The smile on his lips was practiced, but the lust in his eyes instinctive.

Red hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. She looked him up and down, taking a long drag from the lipstick stained cigarette.

All the warnings, all the advice to avoid women like her was quickly hushed by the rush of blood in his veins. His heart pounded. He reminded himself he wasn't a kid anymore and willed himself to act cool. He opened his mouth to say hello, and that's when he saw the small gun, as her hand moved from her hip.

His intense training took over and her wrist was in his hand before she could aim the weapon. He twisted it, enough to get her to loosen her grip, but not has hard as he wanted to. The gun was in his free hand before he pushed her into the brick wall. They were now partially hidden in the darkness.

"Who sent you?" he asked, his face inches from hers, their bodies pressed together. "Who are you?"

"Mountains." she said, her red lips barely parting.

He thought he misheard. "Mountains? Is that some sort of code?"

For the first time, she smiled. Red hair fell over one eye, and down onto her chest. She was beautiful, he had to admit. He felt the tension growing between them.

"My name." she answered, her breathe so hot on his neck. "Rocky Mountains."

He audibly gulped. Distracted, he wasn't quick enough to stop her as she pushed her cigarette into his neck.

"Damn!" he yelped, pushing away from her.

As he did, she stumbled and the heel broke off one of her stilettos. She grasped at the wall for stability, wobbling unsteadily. As she adjusted herself, the poor quality of her top became apparent. The buttons, loose from the strain of holding her femininity in tact, broke free and soared through the air.

And that is how Snake Plissken lost his eye.


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    F-in' brilliant!

  2. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was SO NOT expecting that ending!!! I woke my husband up laughing if that tells you anything!! lol


  3. I knew that was how it happened. My story so lacked the 'chick in the tight top' angle. As Borat would say Niiiiiice!

  4. Bwahahahaha! Got me on that one. I was thinkin' the stiletto heel! Cool post, Wings!

  5. LOL!This is a cool story to start the day!haha :D

  6. Excellent! Loved it! I had no idea where it was going - and then blam! BUTTON!

  7. Now that was good. Congratulations. Fine writing.

  8. Hahaha! Excellent, you and VE have a similar train of thought. God I wish I was busty enough to do that to an unwanted pursuer. Pure class!

  9. that was amazing...i was so into the story...wonderful got me completely with the ending. ha.

  10. A most excellent piece of writing and the use of Snake in a story...bonus! Terrific ending. Yes, we did have like thoughts for today's post...

  11. I thought about Snake Plisken. You should send this to Kurt Russell.


  12. very well written piece and pretty funny.

    good stuff!

  13. My impressions, as I read:

    Hm. Snake? Makes me think of Snake Plissken... (Now who was it who wrote a post about how Snake lost his eye? I remember reading one fairly recently.)

    "Then his eyes caught sight of her." Eyes? Two eyes? Nope, not Snake Plissken, ha ha.

    Rocky Mountains. Sounds like a Bond girl.

    Ouch. She burned his neck. Now if this had been Snake Plissken, she could have put the cigarette out in his eye.

    It was Snake Plissken, after all! And a freakin' button put his eye out?!? Oh, well, at least the eye had a nice sight to go out on...

    And at the bottom... YOU wrote the other "how Snake Plissken lost his eye" post! Damn! You got me! Twice!

    Excellent post!

  14. Very very good....excellent post!!!! Many thanks :-)

  15. OK I really didn't expect that ending! That was just brilliant :-)

  16. It was funny that the snake character that I had envisioned while I was reading was the Kurt Russell character, and it turned out to be him lol! Funny how all of us guys translate button into busting shirts and bras! LMAO!

  17. that was great. was not expecting that ending!

  18. Oh! No WAY! HA!

    Love the name too.. Snake Plissken!

  19. hahahahahaha!!!!! Served him right! Loved it!

  20. She had great aim, lol. loved it

  21. That has got to hurt -- cigarette burn. Ouch.

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  22. Jeff: Thanks!

    Bobbie: Sorry for your hubby, but thanks!!!

    Cal: HAHAHA! Thank you!

    subtorp77: Button, not heel, was the theme... hahahaha :)

    Candie: Sweet!

    Ravyn: Thanks, glad you liked it!

    Alan Burnett: Thank you very much!

    Baino: Yes, VE and I did walk similar paths this week. Thanks! :)

    Brian Miller: Glad you liked it!

    VE: Gracias! One-eyed Snake is always a good subject. ;)

    Betsy: Cool!

    Poetikat: hahahaha, bet he would like it!

    wiec?: Thank you very much!

    The Silver Fox: You were on to me! And I had her name earlier than most of the rest of the story. Happy to have kept you guessing! :) Thank!

    Jayne: :)

    Holly: Many thanks to you!

    Dot-Com: Much thanks! Gonna get a swelled head here...

    Megan: Awesome!

    Otin: Cool, and yeah, I guess we know where our minds were all headed. ;)

    R.J. Edwards: Thank you!

    Jaime: Very cool! :)

    Jill: Do you know who Snake is? Played by Kurt Russell in "Escape from New York" and "Escape from L.A."

    liza: Hey! She pulled the gun on him!

    dreamhaven: HAH! :)

    Abraham Lincoln: Thanks for the comment and I love your blog! Happy to help spread the word!

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    Thank you to everyone for the great feeback on this post! :)