Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coffee Art

This popped up on the net today, and I had to share:

webdesigner depot has 50 Beautifully Delicious Coffee Designs.

Even though I think people should be drinking their coffee instead of fiddling with it, I have to appreciate the talent involved here.

My two favorites:

Coffee Art 1
Love the devilishly creepy grin!

Coffee Art 2
And this has a Dr. Seuss/Grinch-like quality to it.

Check out the rest, some are truly amazing!


  1. After looking at all those cups, I want some coffee now. I agree though, people should be drinking it, not playing with it (it's like making designs in the Guiness foam). Now coffee should be a theme Thursday I think.

  2. thats awesome. if you want to waste time making it pretty its still going to end up in my belly. got my vote on the coffee theme. would have to do a lot of research for it. yum.