Thursday, May 28, 2009

Theme Thursday - Suitcase

This week at Theme Thursday: Suitcase!

After the theme of "vacation" last week, I was a bit 'at sea' as to where to go with a theme of "suitcase" so quickly.

Here is what I came up with:


First, I thought of the thing that always pops into my head when I hear "suitcase" (and I am not kidding).

This video:

Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time", my favorite song from this great artist. I loved this video when it was released, waaaay back when I was 13. The song is so good, such a well written, emotional masterpiece. A classic now.

And the video was great, as well. Her character was so interesting to me, hopeful and sad at the same time. And by the end, all alone.

I always think of this in regards to suitcases, because of the odd assortment Cyndi had; a huge (for her size) duffel bag, a round hat box thing, and a metal lunch box. Definitely unique.


Next, I thought of George Bailey from "It's a Wonderful Life". George has such big dreams of leaving Bedford Falls and traveling the world. But life keeps getting in his way.

Here he is demonstrating how big of a suitcase he wants for all his travels:


George wanted it to have room for lots of stickers, from around the world. Something like this:


We know that by the end of the movie, George has learned that it doesn't matter where you go or what possessions you have. All that is important is who you love and are loved by. That is what makes a "wonderful life".


Then, I thought of this scene, from "Evita" with Madonna.

I think Madonna was pretty damn good in this film. Her acting has always been less then stellar, but here, with the acting and singing working together, I think she did her best film work.


Oddly, I remembered this scene, from the pilot episode of "Mork & Mindy":

Mork Luggage

Mindy had still be skeptical of Mork's claim that he is an alien. Until a knock at the door finds a floating egg in the hallway, there to deliver Mork's lost luggage. She is a little more willing to believe his strange claims after this!


Lastly, I recalled the classic episode of "I Love Lucy" called "The Passports", which originally aired way back in 1955.

In this episode, Lucy is unable to locate her birth certificate, which she needs for a passport for their European trip. She gets one of her bright ideas, thinking she can hide in Fred and Ethel's old steamer trunk. Of course, she gets locked inside.

Here is a replica of the trunk used in the show:

Lucy Trunk

Strangely, this is a light-activated cookie jar. Not sure how that bit of merchandising came to be, but it is kind of cool, nonetheless.


I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.

And hey, no suitcases were lost on this journey!


  1. Nice selection of remembrances.

  2. This is a very nostalgic post. How in the world did you ever remember that scene from M & M. Amazing. That Lucy episode was a crack up! Fun.

  3. C. Lauper plus suitcase...never thought of that lol

    You gotta love those brown suitcases! Great post :)


  4. Great thoughts - you have quite the memory!

  5. cindi lauper - wow

    mork from ork was a mazing, but imagine his egg would cost extra as luggage these days

  6. How do you remember all this stuff. Once reminded I remembered . .I have a suitcase full of memorabilia and frankly if the house was burning, it's the one thing I'd drag out of the wardrobe and do a runner with! Love that song Time After Time . .so sweet.

  7. I have listened to "Time after time" this morning.Great post!

  8. thanks for the time travel.... great assortment - ditto to baino's query! wes impressed!

  9. I remember that M&M scene! Nanoo, nanoo! Fun trip down memory lane!

  10. Great post. Cyndi Lauper reminds me of those days in my early 20s when I really was care-free.

    Never seen Evita - so thank you.

    Nice George Bailey bit, although I don't believe the sentiment of "there's no place like home". It's like having a book and only reading the first chapter.

  11. Me again,

    Wow - after seeing the Cyndi Lauper video again after about 24 years I have to ask - did she really leave him because he laughed at her hair?

  12. Of course I still believe Robin Williams is alien...

  13. These were great! I love that Lloyd-Webber song from Evita. Haven't seen the film with Madonna and Banderas, but now I'll have to look out for it. I don't HATE Madonna - certainly her singing has always been good enough.

    I also love the Cyndi Lauper song. You're right - definitely one of her best. You were 13? I was 23! Huh.


  14. I think of the vacation movie with Chevy Chase, when they put their luggage on top of the "Family Truckster" LOL!

  15. You are a genius to incorporate Cindy Lauper, Lucy, It's a Wonderful Life, and all the rest into this post! I love it. I really, really love that Lucy episode.

  16. Just when I think you can't load up on a theme you surprise me again. I have a trunk covered with stickers myself and it something I want to go through now that I have seen those vids and read these comments.

  17. Great minds, and all that - I used another cover of "Another Suitcase in Another Hall". I never thought of Jimmy Stewart, though. Great finds, all of them.

  18. time after time. i haven't heard that song in forever.

  19. Hi! Caffeinated Joe,
    What a very interesting post that
    ties in very "well" if I may say so...all of your fond memories of music, films, and television too!

    Thanks,for sharing!...I guess a walk down memory lane!
    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  20. Dakota: Thanks!

    Ronda: We all love Lucy!

    Marianna: Thanks for stopping by.

    Ravyn: Thank you! :)

    Brian: Imagine trying to get an egg into an overhead compartment!

    Baino: Sounds like a good idea, to keep one packed with important belongings!

    Candie: I love the line "suitcases of memories..."

    Mouse: Thanks!

    subtorp: Mork was an odd, yet fun, show.

    Clever Pup: Ah, but some of us really just like rereading a great story. And as for the video, I think it was more than he was unable to accept her for who she was, herself. He didn't want change and she embraced it.

    VE: Many believe that! hahaha

    Poetikat: Cyndi is truly a genius. Wish we heard more of her!

    Otin: Didn't even think of "Vacation"! Would have been a great addtion!

    Leah: hahaha Well, thank you!

    Cal: Thank you, hope you have fun going through the old trunks!

    Sandra: Very cool! :)

    Jamie: It is a great, great song.

    DeeDee: Thanks for stopping by!

    Silver Fox: Thank you very much.

  21. Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" always makes me cry. Always. I don't know why. You're right, it's so sad and hopeful at the same time, maybe that's why. Thanks for posting it.

  22. A Post Packed With Interesting Things!