Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Beginning

Enough is enough, Pam thought.

She had obeyed her husband's wishes for four long years.

Part of her knew he was right, at least in the beginning. She had been so afraid of anything happening to her precious new baby boy that she had willingly gone along with her husband's very strict, unwavering rule: Never leave the house. She had kept her son inside, always away from prying eyes and gossiping mouths.

They had been four long years. But never lonely. She had her amazing son to fuss over and focus on.

Her husband wasn't really interested in her anymore anyway, nor she in him. He insisted her singular obsession with their boy had ruined their love for one another. But in reality, it was his barely concealed hate of the child that had made her grow to despise the man she had once adored. Their only moments of intimacy came when he was drunk and demanding.

That had resulted in their new baby daughter, who needed attention that Pam just couldn't spare. She knew she had begun to neglect the infant, but the boy just need more love, more time, more patience.

Her husband didn't understand. He said she preferred the boy over everyone else, that she didn't even care about the little girl.

Well, so what? Pam had spat back. Her son had no one else. Certainly not his father, that was for damn sure. So she had to compensate. She had to be not only his mother, but also his father, his friend, his playmate. The truth was, she was his life, and he was hers.

The boy had witnessed this fight between his parents and reacted as he usually did, crying and screaming.

When her husband raised his hand to strike her beautiful boy for the very first time in his life, she snapped. The woman she became in that moment was strong as steel and willing to do whatever it took to defend her helpless little boy.

Her husband's eyes said it all. There was fear there that he had never possessed before. Within an hour, him and their daughter were gone. It was just her and her boy now. The way it should have always been.

To be honest, Pam was relieved. Now she didn't have to worry about the crying baby or her drunk husband demanding any of her time. She could focus solely on her son. Her beautiful boy.

But last night was the past. Today was the future. And she would hide no more.
The walk to the park was uneventful. The few people they passed stared at her child. He was beautiful, she had to admit. A special boy.

At the park, she sat on a bench, like all the other mothers, while her child ran off to play like all the other children. Soon though, there were cries. One by one, the mothers took their children left the park. Odd she thought.

He had climbed up into a swing and was trying to gain momentum. Pam got up from her bench and walked over to push her boy.

He was smiling and happy. This has gone well, she thought, oblivious to the fact that the park was now deserted, save the two of them.

Her mind raced ahead. School, she thought. She would need to sign him up for Kindergarten. She could volunteer to help the teacher, just in case he needed her during the day.

And baseball, too, that would be good for him and his energy. She could help there, too, maybe even coach. She didn't care what the other mothers thought of that.

And then in a year or two, summer camp. She could work there, as well. Anything to make sure her boy was well taken care of.

"Yes, Jason. Mommy wants you to have such a wonderful life. Just like any other little boy."

Pamela Voorhess pushed her son on the swing, and he squealed with delight.


  1. Oh, Hell yeah!

    I'm not a huge fan-fic fan, but given that's not revealed until the end and the not-so-subtle dig on Rob Zombie's "vision" for your beloved Michael Myers, this f-ing rocks.

  2. Pretty cool Wings! I'm seeing the baby from the Black Sabbath "Born Again" cover here, for some weird reason...

  3. I had already decided that the mom had something odd about her. The summer camp line made me wonder... Yup. "Jason?" I thought... But then one final sentence before I could leap to the right conclusion! Only afterward did I recall the theme, "beginning." Your timing was impeccable! Bravo!

  4. I have never seen the films and therefore had to use Google to get the back-story (front-story) but even without knowing the name I had reached the place you wanted me to travel to.

  5. OMG!That was great,I didn't know at first,where you were going with that story.That was spooky!Nice one!;)

  6. Haha I thought the kid was going to be deformed or something. Brilliant . .actually I Googled 'Beginning' earlier this afternoon for some inspiration and up came all the horror flick prequels. You should have written one!

  7. whew! that was way cool...i'll admit i was beginning to wonder if you turned a new leaf the way the story was going...way to twist it at the end...

  8. freaky! Maybe he can have a pet Alien in the next movie.

  9. Jason?...oh, why didn't I catch on earlier? LOL!

  10. That was wierd, I mean, you know, in an awsome way!

  11. Scary and intriguing. Never thought about Jason's childhood. Warped mother, warped child. It fits

  12. You sneak! I like how you stuck the sister away for another story! Very creative!

  13. WOW...what a great prequel. I guess everyone begins as being loved.

  14. Heh. I've been just as sheltered as Alan Burnett. How did we manage before there was Google?

    Delightfully creepy post, Joe.

  15. Scary stuff. Always an undercurrent of menace. Every monster begins as an innocent child- but is moulded by their childhood.

  16. Hey, this is almost a crossover with my recent Hitler posts!

  17. Wowee, can't add anything that others haven't already said.

    Thanks though ; )

  18. That was really cool. I enjoyed your version of insight to Jason's psyche.

  19. Congrats on winning the inaugural The Tenth Daughter of Memory theme!


  20. Great...I decide to give this thing a try BEFORE reading your stuff. Thank for being so great at it...I hate you..LOL