Thursday, September 17, 2009

Over the Hill

The old man woke early, as usual. He slowly pulled his heavy frame out of bed and stood upright. He sighed.

Spring was beginning to give way to Summer, he could feel the warmth in the morning air. Work, his life's work, would begin again as well.

He lumbered across the shack he called home. The place was disgusting, but it had always been so. He paid no mind to such things and wasn't about to start this late in the game.

Out the door he went, unsure whether the creaking sound came from the rotting wood or from his weary bones, and not caring.

He stood silent, listening, inhaling and feeling the air. His work wasn't really work, in the basic sense. It was more who he was, why he was. It was instinct. It was his life.

They were coming, and he needed to prepare. Yet, for the first time his simple mind could recall, the journey was daunting. His legs felt huge and heavy. He looked off, past the trees. So far away.

He wanted to be the man his mother always said he was, to live up to her expectations. But he was tired.

The work never ended. No matter how much of himself he put into it, there was always more. More people, more work, more exhaustion.

He plodded, dragging his feet through leaves, slowly making his way forward. It was all he knew.

In his simple way, he thought about how easy it had all become. He had been successful in his work, year after year after year. No one had bested him for so long, he had nearly forgotten what it was like to lose.

Loss. The thought ignited a spark in his small brain.

When he was younger, he had lost, occasionally. Had been out-smarted or out-witted by a few. And the defeats had been tough, demeaning.

But, when he returned from those losses, he always came back stronger, better.

As he ambled up and over the small hill towards the campground, his mother's voice once again rose in his mind: "My special, special boy. You have a gift."

He knew, as much as he knew anything, that what he needed now was not to succeed, but to fail.

It would be painful and he hated the thought of letting them win. But, inevitably, he would be back. Stronger, healthier.

The old man he had become would be gone. Jason Voorhees would rise again.


I was quite stumped by Theme Thursday this week, until I thought of "over the hill" being sort of the opposite of a previous topic, "beginning". The idea of doing a companion piece for my post on that topic was born.

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  1. Hah! I knew where this was going!

    I guess I've known you too long. Hehe.

  2. Maybe Hollywood should check with you before doing another remake! Great story continuation!

  3. I am not familiar with the films or the characters. But I did read and enjoy your piece last week. But it wasn't until the final paragraph that I realised what was happening.

  4. Well written and it kept me reading. I was puzzling over it for a while, thinking it allegorical about Death or the like. Nice twist, you foreshadow a bit just before the end although I did not know for sure if it would be some kind of horror character. I don't watch horror movies but I recognize the names "Jason" and "Mike" from advertisements.

  5. nicely done. thought maybe you were going with a different character...norman bates or what really should consider doing more of these on various characters.

  6. Jason spends more of his time under the hill than over the hill. Interesting post

  7. I am amazed at your stories...and bewildered? Is there a famous movie that I don't know about with these characters?

    Well done!

  8. How clever of you and I really enjoyed it...I am always a little "slow on the draw" but I look forward to MORE of these!

  9. evil never dies...ah ha ha. Good one!

  10. How you manage to make us empathize with these characters is so creepy...but good. great piece...happy TT.

  11. I thought it sounded a little familiar and yeh, terrific companion piece. I still can't bring myself to watch those movies though!

  12. You should write a whole screenplay for a Friday the 13th movie! I think that you would do a good job! I love the new profile picture!

  13. Great read! why do we like those characters so much? -J

  14. wow..with the last line I heard the creepy music and thought of the time I was driving home one halloween...there was condensation on the inside of the windshield..I kept waiting for him to jump up from the backseat and get me. Needless to say I made it home in record time and slept with the lights on that night..great post!! c

  15. Though, like JeffScape, I knew where this was going, your way of writing made it wonderfully intriguing. I like Jason better through your eyes; he's far more interesting that way. :)

  16. Jeff: Figured you would know.

    Ravyn: Hah! Yeah, I don't think so.

    Alan: Thank you!

    California Girl: Why, thank you! :)

    Brian: Hmmm, maybe I should venture down some different paths.

    Dreamhaven: This is true.

    Colette: He is Jason, from the "Friday the 13th" series of films.

    Jill: Thanks! :)

    Tom: No, it does not.

    Liza: Thank you very much, glad to do it! :)

    Willow: Thanks, I think so, too.

    Baino: Not for everyone, that's for sure.

    Otin: Thanks, not sure about that, though. And I like the pic, too, although Google is giving me a hard time with it. Bah!

    Jayne: I don't know. But I do. :)

    C.M.: Yikes! Yeah, no matter how old I get, I can still get creeped out! Fun, in a way.

    Jelly: Thanks! I appreciate that. :)

  17. Hi! Caffeinated Joe,
    I like the way you transitioned your Thursday Theme...from "Beginning" to "Over the Hill."
    As a rule I usually don't like scary flicks, but your writing style hold my
    Thanks, for sharing and I hope that you have a nice weekend too.
    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  18. you're so clever
    i didn't see this one coming