Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Funny - Non Sequitur

This week's funny is Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller

Here is a recent strip:

click to enlarge


Non Sequitur is a strip that offers quite a variety: Sometimes, it is a just a one-off panel, as in the one above. Other times it features the lives of the characters living in Whatchacallit, Maine, including The Pyles (Joe, his daughters Danae and Kate, his mother, waitress Flo and his brother Bob, an attorney), Captain Eddie and Danae's pet horse, Lucy.

Other times the strip highlights the superhero Obviousman; young adventurer Ordinary Basil; Homer, who has been reincarnated over and over again; the French-Canadian Pierre of the North and many more.

An Addams Family-like clan called The Graevsytes will be spotlighted here next week, as part of Halloween Month.


At the Uclick GoComics Non Sequitur site you can view past strips or contact Wiley Miller about purchasing artwork. To read the bio for Wiley Miller, go to Universal Press Syndicate. To learn more about the strip and its history, view the Wikipedia entry.



  1. I like the example.I don't think we get the strip over here.

  2. nice. this is one of the strips i catch each sunday, always seems to give me a chuckle. hope you are having a great weekend!