Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bad Movie Ultimate Cage Match #7

B Movies

My friend Jason over at Invasion of The B Movies has a relatively new feature on his blog: The Bad Movie Ultimate Cage Match.

Each week, he pits two bad flicks against each other. Each movie is submitted by one of his readers, and they give their reasons for why the flick is the worst out there.

A poll widget on his sidebar is easy to use and keeps track of which flick is ahead in votes. At the end of the week a 'winner' is announced.

This is week #7, and my submission (the awful Land of the Lost movie) is going up against the 5-week champ (Ballisitc: Ecks vs Sever)!

Please head over and vote. Won't take long!

And think of submitting your own bad movie for consideration. Jason needs submissions to keep the Cage Match going, and I am sure we ALL have flicks we can't stand!


  1. I hate to admit this but it is my secret shame. Usually I freely admit to bad movies I like but for some reason saying I actually enjoyed 'Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever' really turns the goonie birds against me. For all the venom it recieves its not half the pile of dog pooh that 'Land of the Lost' is. Oh and I gotta say I like the new design. Very cool. Seems to fit you better and shows off more personality if that makes any sense.

  2. Yeah well I'm not one of those goonie birds. Ive won for four weeks for a reason: not because Ballistic is the worst (in fact I can name a ton of movies much worse than Ballistic) but because I explained it well. Jason has this idea that by not posting my review the past two weeks that it will save time but no one really seems to know WHY it keeps winning. That's why I posted it on my blog so that people could see why its so bad. And my dedicated hundreds of readers (don't let the followers tell you otherwise) are out there and have my back with this movie.

    The whole reason I even picked Ballistic in the first place is because while it was voted one of the worst of the decade, nobody really heard about or saw it. People saw the Room and Plan 9 and The Happening but let Ballistic drift from memory. I came with my NaNoWriMo, debate, drama, extensive knowledge of movie trivia, my over 2,000 movies I have seen in my lifetime skills and I wrote an article that explains in thorough detail why Ballistic is worse than whatever movie is against me.

    Is Land of the Lost bad? Yes. Is it worse than Ballistic? To some people maybe. But I have seen talking penises, people being raped to death in clown suits, a Frankenstein dressed as Elvis, killer plants, a 40 minute sex scene to muzak and much much worse movies in my lifetime. So while Land of the Lost may be one of the worst of the past couple years, it pales in comparison to movies hopefully long forgotten.

    As I write this right now I have a 13 to 2 lead with 2 days left. Will that be enough? I don't know we will have to find out. Until then good luck Wings.

    I love the site.

    -Travis McCollum of the Movie Encyclopedia

    Here is the Ballistic review.

  3. intriguing...i like a few bad movies...but both this week as pretty bad. off to check it out.

  4. i dunno Wings. i kind of liked Land of the Lost. granted it wasn't great by any stretch and Farrell is a bit hit or miss in my book but anything with Danny McBride gets the benefit of the doubt. i didn't love it but was a bit better than Ecks vs Sever.

    there are plenty of movies out there waaaaay worse than both of them but this sounds like a cool game.

  5. Great idea! Can't wait to check it out.

  6. Sadly I wish I could have chosen the Room or Plan 9 but those would have been too easy. In fact for all people reading this please get involved with the bad movie ultimate cage match! I even have given you two movies. Two movies that are almost certain to give you a 5 week victory. So there. Go email Jason. Keep this thing alive. Vote for Land of the Lost and make sure Ballistic doesn't win. I'm saying that to all devoted Wings fans.

    Don't I want Ballistic to win? Well I'd be the first ever 5 time champ so that's a perk. But at the same time I think that since there are 113 of you and only 30 of me that there should be no reason I win the cage match. Unless you want me to win than thanks.

    But show your support for Wings. Band up against me.

  7. it's hard to vote for or against a movie(s) i have not seen...but Lost is just a bad idea with bad casting and should have been a totally different movie. I detest Ferrel--other than a couple early efforts--so i guess i'll side with you here.

  8. I would vote for LotL immediately but I would be going against my integrity having not seen it yet (nor ever if I have anything to do with it)