Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Augmented Reality, or ... WOW ...

Okay, so I am not a technology nerd by any means, and this may already be way old news to most people out there, but it just blew my mind.

Augmented Reality is bascially combining the real world with the computer world. I first heard of it last week, via this link at GE:

GE - Plug Into the Smart Grid - Augmented Reality

(Tip: You can watch a sample, but you need a webcam to try it yourself.)

So it is bascially like seeing a 3D/hologram type creation appear to be with your real image on the screen. Wow - This blew me away! (And made me look cool to my wife and kids, for a fleeting moment at least). How bizarre and amazing. Heck, I still remember when you could go make dinner while downloading a picture sent via email.

And while I was pondering how this could be applied to things in the future, I read an article about that very idea, being used for trading cards:

Topps 3D Live, Total Immersion.

This is so cool, and will hopefully be applied to other properties. Imagine a little Jason Voorhees or Aquaman standing on 'your hand'? Awesome! Or your favorite actress or model posing on 'your palm'? Maybe little virtual pets for kids that 'actually' move? The future of personal avatars, maybe? Who knows, but it is amazing.

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