Sunday, November 15, 2009

15 (ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

The Oatmeal had a great post this week:

click the pic to go to the site

They have some interesting and fun facts, presented in a very cool way.

Also at The Oatmeal: The 5 Phases of Caffeine Intake



  1. Fun stuff about coffee. I get a coffee high like that from time to time, and I'm ure I look just like the picture. Bouncing off the walls :)

  2. 2 important facts:
    1. i like it...
    2. i need more...

    smiles. happy sunday wings!

  3. On my way! I love coffee by the way!

  4. Americano, eh? And "Joe." Guess the military is more pervasive in pop culture than most realize. Crazy. Or not.