Monday, October 18, 2010

The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within (2009)

Writer/Director: Dom Portalla

Cast: Jimmy Scanlon, Ken Flott, Michelle Romano, Stephanie Maheu, Sean Pierce, David Erin Wilson

Plot: A young couple move into a new apartment only to find that their neighbor is a peeping Tom. If they don't unlock the secret to this mysterious voyeur soon, they may lose everything, including their minds.

I won this DVD via a giveaway by Geof at the great blog Enter the Man-Cave.
Thanks, Geof!

And I wish I could say I liked the movie, but I just couldn't get into it. There is an interesting story here, somewhere, but the acting from the leads just didn't live up to any potential the story held.

The directing also has a too-amateurish feeling that keeps reminding you this is a low-budget pic. And low-budget doesn't have to automatically mean a sub-par flick, but here it does. In the end, it all just feels like a "rough draft" to me. Yet, I would be interested in future stories written by Portalla, as I feel he just needs time to shine.

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  1. oh man...i was hoping for a good one...

  2. Sorry you didn't enjoy it, but thanks for giving it a shot and for taking the time to write about it. Hopefully we'll win you over with our next one!

  3. Brian, Pat & chair rentals: You could do worse, but since you are all mostly non-horror fans, you should looks elsewhere.

    Ken Flott: Thank you for commenting, and not chewing my head off. That is refreshing!

    Dom Portalla: I eagerly await the next one, especially after the very civil and understanding comments left by yourself and Mr. Flott. Thank you for taking the time to read & post here.

  4. Thanks for writing the review...I always take your word for whatever is good because of your knowledge of the whole genre. :)