Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween: The Inside Story Previews

Halloween has a great interview up with Phil Nobile, the writer/director behind the upcoming Biography Channel special Halloween: The Inside Story.

Halloween Addict also mentioned some preview videos for the special available to watch on the Biography Channel site. Here are the links for those previews:

Halloween: Inside Story - Preview

Halloween: Inside Story - The Sequels

Halloween: Inside Story - Halloween II

Halloween: Inside Story - The Pitch

Halloween: The Inside Story airs on Bio, The Biography Channel
on October 25th at 9PM ET/8PM CT/10PM PT

Sorry for the lack of embedded videos, but Blogger seems to be suffering some sort of malady in that regard.


  1. Thanks for the plug and glad you enjoyed the interview!
    I really can't wait for this special...

  2. Thanks, Joe - hope you enjoy the special. The clips you link, aside from the preview, are all bonus scenes.

  3. Steve - Thanks for posting the interview and the links!

    Phil - Awesome to have a comment from you, thanks for reading! Cannot wait to see the special!