Saturday, October 9, 2010


Last year, I (and my family) searched high and low for the Trick 'r Treat DVD. I finally got my hands on copy, but only after Halloween had gone by. This year, I get to watch it during October, so that is just great.

Sam is a child-like character who appears throughout the anthology, seemingly dressed for trick-or-treating. He is a reminder to beware the breaking of Halloween traditions. He also is featured in one of the tales, where we get to see just what he looks like without the burlap sack covering his head. Creepy stuff.

Sam is the sort of eerie, not-quite-right Halloween character I just love.

Enjoy some pics (and a video) of this little demon:


Sam Trick 'r Treat

Sam 4

Sam 8
Trick R Treat by ~venomalienz

Sam Jeremy Scott
Trick 'R Treat -- Sam by ~jeremyrscott

Sam 5
Trick r Treat by *keikurochan

Ding Dong
Ding Dong by *Medox

Sam tattoo
Sam: Trick r Treat by *JakubNadrowski

Sam - movie still

Breehn Burns
also by Breehn Burns
view more Trick 'r Treat art at his site


  1. Trick or Treat looks great. I will have to look for this Halloween DVD.

  2. I only wish he had kept the mask on the entire film, much creepier that way!

  3. Doc: Eek!

    Scott: You won't be disappointed!

    Carl: I agree! Sometimes, things are best left to the imagination!

  4. Hi! Wings...
    This is another nice post that you present here...(a lot of information about the "Trick r Treat" character.)
    Thanks, for sharing all the link(s) too!
    DeeDee ;-D

  5. Oh I was so thrilled to get this video last year. And I will be bringing mine out this month to watch too. Love Sam! :o)

  6. It's been a long time since a character gave me a good proper chill at this time of year. There should be a feature with Sam every Halloween or a TV special. I thought the whole 'Trick or Treat' movie was great and good old fashioned scary movie with all the torture and gore that seems to be all the genre is putting out these days. It needs and deserves a wider audience.

  7. Watched this last year, lots of creepy old-fashioned fun.

  8. That is an excellent post and an excellent collection of pictures of Sam. I love that lil guy.