Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today for Halloween Month: Looney Tunes' Gossamer

Gossamer 1

Famous animator Chuck Jones created the character for the 1946 film Hair-Raising Hare. Bugs Bunny is supposed to be the meal for a mad scientist's unnamed, furry, red monster. Part of this plot was redone for the 1952 Jones short Water, Water Every Hare, but the monster was called "Rudolph". For years, the character was ignored, until Jones used him once again in 1980's Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24 1/2th Century. In this toon, Marvin the Martian calls the monster Gossamer for the first time. Jones chose this name "because he's the opposite of gossamer. He's a big, hairy thing."

Gossamer 2

Since his resurfacing in 1980, Gossamer has made more appearances, in such Looney Tunes cartoons as Space Jam, Tiny Toon Adventures, Pinky and the Brain and Bah Humduck: A Looney Tunes Christmas.

Gossamer 3

The character has become more popular over time, and now is a favorite used by Looney Tunes marketing, appearing on hats, shirts, toys and more. We have quite a few items ourselves, including a collectible plate, a cookie jar, some stuffed toys and Christmas ornaments!

Gossamer Doc

Here is the character's first appearance, the classic Hair-Raising Hare:


  1. I don't need to tell you but he is such an 'interesting monster'. That scene where he is fixing Gossamer's hair is one of my all time favorite - the chatty gay hairdresser stereotype that he retreats to when he needs to distract an opponent.

  2. Gossamer? I never knew his name, that's cool!

    I have to agree with Kal, that is one of my all-time favorite scenes too!

  3. I love this guy! One of my all-time favourites. :)

  4. ha. one of my fav looney tunes characters...i like marvin as well....

  5. he's my all time fav. I have his plush!

  6. I really liked this guy also. I thought maybe they'd give him his own gig...

  7. Definately one of my all time favorite characters. Since I was a kid, just loved him....I think it was the shoes :)

    Thanks for sharing that trip down memory lane.


  8. Hi! Wings...
    This is a nice animated part as the 31 Days of Halloween countdown.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  9. love Gossamer. knowing his name now will hopefully come in handy for a pub quiz someday.

    "come ... back ... here ... you silly ... rabbit....." was going to be my junior year yearbook quote. nobody got it though.

  10. A favorite of mine as well, ohh the childhood memories.. Hair-Raising Hare is still one of my favorite bits, a true classic in the series!