Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas is Coming!


I successfully completed another year of NaNoWriMo! I was writing down to the last day, but all went well and the novel is done. Nothing major, a fanfic story, but it was fun to write and good practice, right? Right.


And now it is already 23 days til Christmas. Where does the time go?

Here, we celebrate the day after Thanksgiving to New Year's as 'Christmastime'. We enjoy it all, instead of setting our sights on just one day and having it go by too fast.

To all of you: Happy Christmastime!


On his blog (My Power is Beyond Your Understanding), my son is doing challenges each month. This month is "31 Days of Christmas". I think I might just do it here, too, to keep the blog alive during the busy month ahead! Here is the rundown for the challenge:

Day 1: Favorite Tradition
Day 2: Favorite Elf
Day 3: Santa or Mrs. Claus
Day 4: Favorite Reindeer
Day 5: Favorite Holiday Snack
Day 6: Favorite Decoration
Day 7: Favorite Christmas Movie
Day 8: Favorite Christmas Song
Day 9: Favorite Christmas TV Special
Day 10: Favorite Thing To Wear
Day 11: Favorite Christmas Book
Day 12: Favorite Gift You Ever Got
Day 13: Favorite Gift You Ever Gave
Day 14: Favorite Candy
Day 15: Favorite Christmas Website
Day 16: Favorite Tradition You Used To Do
Day 17: Favorite Part of Christmas Eve
Day 18: Favorite Part of Christmas Day
Day 19: How Early Do You Get Up on December 25th
Day 20: How Late Do You Stay Up on December 24th
Day 21: Favorite Christmas Picture
Day 22: Anticipation or the Day
Day 23: Advent Calendar You're Doing
Day 24: Favorite Christmas Thing You're Doing/Done In School
Day 25: What Did You Get?
Day 26: What Did You Give?
Day 27: What Did You Feed Santa
Day 28: What Did You Feed The Reindeer
Day 29: Do You Believe In Santa
Day 30: Are You Sad?
Day 31: Favorite Part of the Season?

Seems fun, eh?

Enjoy the month and remember to appreciate family, friends, food and fun!


  1. Congratulations! I'm always impressed when somone can do that - write everyday for a month and finish a novel. I'll be checking back to see what you post during the 31 days of Christmas. I'd do it but the first one stumped me - we're traditionally untraditional.

  2. way to go...congrats on finishing...and merry christmas to you and your fam wings!