Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 6: Favorite Decoration

Another tough one to choose from!

When I was a kid, it was probably this plastic Santa:


It had a hole in the back to insert a bulb to light it up. We usually had it unlit, but I liked it just the same. Was something classic and simple about it that appealed to me.

There was a Mrs. Santa, as well:


My brother and I had found her for sale at a local discount store - Kerr Mill, for those who are curious - and we planned to save our money to buy her. And then the store burned down, Mrs. Claus along with it. We never got her, and I am unsure whatever became of Santa.


And now, with kids of my own, we have so many decorations and memories attached to them, it is hard to choose!

I love the new framed Santa picture my wife got as a gift, almost identical to this one:


My nickname for my daughter is Snowflake,
so, each year I give her a different snowflake ornament:


And my youngest son got the Elf on a Shelf a couple of years ago,
and it is a fun decoration & activity:


So, yeah... I like Christmas decorations!


  1. Hi! Caffeinated Joe...
    Nice Christmas recollection(s) of ornament(s) and family memories too!
    Nice nickname (and gesture) for your daughter...
    Nice picture (Of Santa) given to your wife...
    Nice gift given to your son too!
    In other words...nice!

    By the way, my favorite Christmas item(s)...Is a ceramic (Well, I'am not sure if it's porcelain, but it's breakable) Santa (Claus) sitting in chair with a glass, list (X-mas) and appears to be a sleep...My mother purchased this item at a resale store...another favorite a ceramic Santa, warming his backside by a pot-belly stove that is lit by 3 different small light bulbs giving the impression that the stove is lit.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  2. my favorite was the clown ornament on the tree that most people would have thought we found in a barrel it was old rickety and dirty and his head would sometimes pop off but he was the one ornament we always looked for, if not that then maybe the red star ornament i always loved that one