Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 1: Favorite Tradition

Christmas Challenge Day 1: Favorite Tradition

Wow, so many to choose from! We do lots of things each year here!

I will have to say the new-ish tradition (a few years now) of celebrating Christmastime instead of 'just' Christmas Day.

From the day after Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, we celebrate Christmastime. It involves the spectrum of traditions and fun we all enjoy: decorating the house, watching the movies and specials we all love, listening to Christmas music, having friends and family over and, in turn, visiting family and friends. We also take one night to drive around and look at the lit-up houses around town.

Our Christmastime is non-religious, it is just about enjoying the time together and celebrating the warmth of family and friends.


  1. Non religious Christmas celebration is the best.

  2. Agree on the non religious celebration....celebrate the people in your life every chance you get.


  3. lord hear my prayer that wings will see the error in his ways and also begin a regimen of prayer starting with 4 time daily church visits and al........hahaha couldnt help that one lol