Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 13: Favorite Gift You Ever Gave

Wow. Tough to remember so many gifts given over so many years!

The only one that I can remember that especially stands out
is the "custom" action figure of our son that my wife and I gave him one year.

He had been big into playing with his action figures of different characters
from his favorite movies and TV shows, and asked Santa
for an action figure of himself so he could join in those adventures.

At first, we were stumped. Then we came across this:


It is an Elliot action figure from the movie E.T.

We took the figure out of the package and placed it in our son's stocking,
and Santa was able to deliver a custom figure of him that year!


  1. That is a perfect gift. Very creative.


  2. I bet that was his favorite Christmas gift too, that is awesome!

  3. What happens to these things? Kids love them, eventually they start losing interest and eventually the disappear....