Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Halloween!

Can't believe it is already Halloween!

Enjoy some randomness
to celebrate the big day!


October goes by too fast!

This quote, from Ray Bradbury in Reader's Digest in 1975, sums it up so well.
Thank you to The Skull & Pumpkin for posting it.


Party time with a
Halloween Light Show!

Thanks to The Daily What


Michael Myers does the heavy lifting today,
so Jason is enjoying a coffee break.

coffee break Jason by Le Capitan Tanaka


Speaking of Mr. Myers,

The Night He Came Home


Here is a quote I love from Halloween,
which I made with yarn on plastic canvas:


My daughter wrote this in anticipation of Halloween:

"Every night, the old teddy bear in the back of your bedroom closet wakes up and comes forward. He pushes the closed closet door open just a crack and watches you sleep for the entire night. When you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, for reasons unknown, it's because you felt his blank marble eyes on you. His only movements are his slow, slight, stitched-on grin and his soft, plush grip tightening minutely on the edge of the door as he watches you. All night. Every night. He just wants to be with you again. 

Happy almost Halloween."


Anyway, enough dilly-dallying!

Get out there and enjoy the day!


  1. Happy Halloween Joe!

    And I'd keep an eye on that daughter of yours. She's creepy--like her dad :)

    1. Happy Halloween! Yes, she is creepy. Couldn't be prouder! ;)

  2. Happy Halloween! Love the little bit your daughter wrote!