Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New England Walk in Autumn

I know I usually post something horror-related,
but today I wanted to show another aspect of
The Countdown to Halloween,

Here are pictures from a walk I took a few days ago,
just my little dog and myself,
on a beautiful Autumn day here in New England!

This photo doesn't do justice to the vibrant beauty this tree had.
It was bright and orange and wonderful.

Liked this, because the leaves were still partially green,
but Autumn was working its magic.

This is a photo of an abandoned mill complex I walk by.
Much creepier at night!

Another shot of the mill.
Is someone looking back through a broken window pane?

I love walking, but I love walking in October the best,
especially on warm days like this one.

Small pond on the way.
The water was so still, like a mirror.

Hard to make out, but those are ducks,
swimming along.

Another shot of the pond.
Colors are just getting started, too!

This is one of the roads I love,
because it is almost car-free.
So peaceful and quiet.

A few times, the wind would blow,
and my dog and I were in the middle of a shower of leaves!

Hope you enjoyed talking part in my walk.
I love living in New England in the Fall!


  1. Awesome shots Joe! New England really is the best place in the country to live during Autumn. One day I'd like to take a foliage tour up there.

    1. Mid-October is a prime time here. Colors will just be getting more vibrant this week, as it gets closer and closer to Halloween!

  2. Beautiful! I enjoyed living vicariously through your photos, as we don't get fall leaves in Southern California. In Oregon we have pretty beautiful falls, but I have to agree that the East Coast is the best for fall leaves! It also has a good haunted history.

    1. Would like to see colors in other parts of the country, but I also don't want to miss out on a New England Fall by doing so! LOL

  3. So beautiful! I am so envious of your beautiful fall colors!

    1. I will try and post more pics as the season progresses. If the sun comes back out, that is! Last two days have been gray and dreary!

  4. That is post card beautiful. It looks like that here also. I always admire you for finding the magic in ordinary things.

  5. Fall's my favorite season, except for the fact that winter comes right after

    1. I enjoy parts of winter, but the intense cold gets old fast!

  6. Ooh....love the photos! Thanks for sharing those. We are heading your way, hope we still find some color left. I have some shots of an big old mill from up there that looks very similar, but I can't remember where we were at when I took them. I'll to post them and see if you think it's the same one. Not sure if the one I photographed was abandoned or still running though. You are SO LUCKY to live where you do! {sigh}
    One day....One day! :o)

    1. I try and remind myself to appreciate where I live, since so many people think of the beauty of this area when they think of Autumn. Love to just walk and look around and take it all in. :)

  7. Gorgeous photos!
    I miss, oh-how-I-miss, Fall on the East Coast.
    Someday I will get back there for October.
    Nice post.