Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tricked Out Halloween Treats

When I was a kid, my mom was into cake decorating.
She made some amazing cakes and had a few of the Wilton Cake books.
We'd go through them, cover to cover, admiring the amazing works of art
made using cake and frosting with a few plastic decorations.

This is from one of the books she had, which I read often.

Thanks to Neato Coolville for posting this.
Go there for more on Wilton cakes!


Here are ten cakes I found that I think are amazing!



 via Handfulofrubies on Flickr










Hope you have enjoyed these!
Now I am hungry! LOL


Want more?
Just do a Google search, there are tons of awesome
Halloween and Horror cakes out there!

If any of these links are wrong,
just email or comment and I will correct it.


  1. I love the haunted house! So cute!

  2. Great collection my friend. This is really your favorite time of year isn't it?

  3. Thanks all! And yeah, Kal, it is! And going into November and December, we have Christmastime! All good!