Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Funny - Rubes

A new comic for you to enjoy:

Rubes by Leigh Rubin.

This comic is very reminiscent of Gary Larson's "Far Side", and not just due to the single-panel style. The humor is off-beat, in a great way.

Click to enlarge.

At the main 'Rubes' site you can find more information about the creator, Leigh Rubin, a color gallery, an online store with collections of the comic and a contact page for Mr. Rubin.

Hope you enjoy the comic!


  1. Heh,heh,heh. You think Darwin would've liked this? And I took a read on your Snake Plisskin tale. Pretty gruesome on that surgery( but cool take on the story ). Reminded me of the scene in "The Terminator". Ouch! Except we all laughed the first time we saw it( story on that later ).

  2. 25 years ago...aprx..our local newspaper removed The Far Side and replaced it with a much less intelligent strip, because they said of Far Side.."We just don't get it..." me it ranks as one of the best strips ever.

  3. Rubes: Biologists are simultaneously laughing and cringing. As for me, well, I swim every day, and I've never abided by that wait-one-half-hour rule. Life is too short. That's delicious irony.

  4. Subtorp: Thank you for the kind words, gruesome is good! :)

    Tom: Yeah, "The Far Side" was a brilliant strip. It is missed!

    Candie: I agree!

    Mr. Beautiful: Ironic, indeed! :)