Thursday, January 14, 2010

Theme Thursday - Surface

The topic for this week's Theme Thursday is Surface.

I have had a case of writer's blahk for about a month, and nothing creative came to me for this theme.

So I decided to do something different and change the entire look, or 'surface', of my blog. A stretch, I know, but work with me people!

I had been thinking of making some blog changes for awhile and one of the issues I wanted to deal with was the dark/black background. I did like it, but I had noticed that when I read posts on my blog, or other black background blogs, my eyes saw after images of the white text. So, I wanted to change that.

And with that, I went ahead and uploaded an entire new layout. I hopefully have worked out all the kinks and I hope you like it.

If you want your site listed in one of my blog rolls to the right here, just let me know. Always open to reciprocal linking.

Okay, thanks for indulging my stretch of a post here. I promise to try and be more creative next week. Here is a pic to go with the theme. Look at the art on the surface of these cups of coffee!

Coffee Art

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  1. Oops... posted my "Whoa! Different!!!" comment on the wrong blog entry.

    So... Whoa! Different!!!

    I do like it. Quite a bit, in fact. The right sidebar seems to have a margin issue, though. Let me know if you want to know how to change that.

  2. You're also no longer showing up in my reader or being updated on my blogroll. Not sure if that has to do with the new template or it's just a glitch.

  3. I'm like you - couldn't think of a thing for this one.
    You're blog looks great now. The colors are very easy on the eyes. Great work!

  4. wow. love what you have done with the place.

    the art on top of the coffee is so cool. off to get me a cup now!

  5. Looks really tidy and clean; I like it! I don't think I could drink those coffees—and spoil that art.

  6. Love the new look. Great way to tie in TT as well. The art of the coffee cups is great as well, makes me want to have a cup of Joe.

  7. The best way to get through writers block is to keep writing. Write anything.

  8. Great new look! And love the latte art...beautiful on the surface and yummy underneath!

  9. Very nice. Now I feel like a chai latte

  10. An excellent "take" on the theme and your place looks GREAT...a totally NEW look!

  11. I like the new design. And I'm always up for coffee!

  12. The new look is great; I like it very a lot. Very mellow.

  13. Nice design! Very soothing to the eye.

  14. I just love it when people play with their blogs and their coffee!

  15. New layouts are always a good thing. I wish I had more blogs to play with.....

  16. this new look will take some getting used to...but i'm glad the skeleton and cup o joe is still present!

  17. The latte are is amazing. I can totally sympathize with your writer's block (just see my post on polka dots,lol)

  18. Love your textural layout ... . a nice dive into a bit of hands on re-surfacing.

  19. Those coffees look delish - and so does your blog. :)

  20. Hi it's my first visit here and I'm enjoying the new surface :) especially the coffee!

    best wishes

  21. Very cool look! I was lost at first lol!

  22. Oh that Otie, he's such a nut :)

    Since this is my first time here I can't comment on the change, but I like the look regardless.

    thanks so much for coming by and commenting

  23. Clever way to touch on the topic. Hee. :)

  24. Love the new layout. It can be so refreshing to change things up. Let's hope it helps with the writer's block!

  25. WellI have to say i like this layoutr better in fact adn love the coffee surfaces.

  26. I think this new layout works quite well and what a great way to tie in the theme even though you were blocked.

  27. Nice new gaff I must admit but her Royal Blindness is having to squint to read your comments. As for coffee art . . if the artwork's great, then usually, so is the coffee! Have a good weekend.

  28. I am trying to remember if I saw things after visiting when you had the other layout. But this one is cool and the colors go a little better with coffee. Maybe someday I will actually have a cup of coffee, okay probably not, so I will just stick to drinking tea. And if I did drink coffee, I would have a hard time destroying the coffee art. I once watched on the Food Network how some of the coffee workers do the art. It was cool.

    And since no one else took you up on having you add their sites to your sidebar, I am game. You can add mine, I am just not sure what it would be put under. Plus maybe your writer's mojo went to visit my writer's mojo. Just keep looking, and if you see mine, will you please tell it to come home. I will tell your's if I see it. Sigh....

    God bless.

  29. Jeff: Yeah, totally different and glad you like it. I was right, I prefer the lighter background to the dark. And no worries about the sidebar, I am okay with it. And I believe I fixed the reader/blogroll issue! :)

    R.J.: Good to know, thanks for commenting!

    Brian: Thanks, and grab a cup for me, too!

    Poetikat: The art is cool, but I would spoil it to drink it! ;)

    Kate: Thanks! :)

    Dr. Monkey: Yeah, I know. I just have to get to doing it!

    Betsy: Oh, without a doubt!

    The Clever Pup: Sounds like a plan. :)

    Jill: Thanks! Definitely all-new!

    Stephanie: You and me both!

    Janice: Thanks. And mellow? Interesting choice of word...

    Skip Simpson: Good to know! Thanks.

    The Mistress: Long as they aren't playing with MY coffee!

    Monica: Can be fun, but stressful too, worrying what will work and what won't!

    Tom: Had to keep the skeleton and cup 'o joe!

    Dreamhaven: Here's to an end to the writer's blahk for BOTH of us!

    studioJudith: Thank you very much!

    Joy Keaton: Yes, I agree, on both counts! :)

    Ribbon: Thanks for visiting and hope you return!

    otin: Yeah, it is so different. Glad you like, though!

    rxBambi: Cool, good to know. And yeah, Otin is unique, for sure!

    Lizzie: Had to do SOMETHING! :)

    B-Movie Becky: Glad you like the layout. And I hope it helps, too! :)

    Mmm: Very cool, good to know!

    Rebecca: Very cool! Thanks for the comment!

    Baino: Sorry about the comments. Nothing I can really do to change that. But glad you like the rest! Have a great weekend, yourself!

    Mrsupole: Well, I am glad you like the new layout. And as for a cup of coffee, you could enjoy it! But, that said, I can't stand tea, myself. To each their own, eh? And I will send your mojo on its way, if I find either of them.

    I will add your site into the blog roll right now! Very cool. Take care!

  30. I like your wallpaper & new layout very much. I would love to change my Women of a Certain Age layout but I'll have to learn more about fancying it up. My Empty Nest Evolution blog is on black but I use that as a showcase for my husband's photography and the artwork of my friends.

    This is super nice.

  31. Nice looking blog! Not that it was not great before :) I like the texture of the background. Easy on the eyes and not too distracting. Perfect layout for a perfect blog.

    Thanks for the link on your blog - I have you linked from mine.


  32. Ooh, I didn't even realize all of this was possible with bloger! I have seen these formats on wordpress but never on blogger. How cool are you now? Fantastic!

    And this is a perfectly appropriate take on the surface theme. Well done indeed.

  33. nice - easier to read and i like the retro-wallpaper effect.

    i'm more of a tea drinker, but those pictures do make me think its about time for a coffee

  34. Really cool and like those coffee pics too!