Saturday, May 1, 2010

Short Film: The Raven

Check out this short scifi film, The Raven:

THE RAVEN - 720 HD from THE RAVEN FILM on Vimeo.

Cool, eh?

Peruvian filmmaker Ricardo de Montreuil made the short film The Raven on a budget of only $5,000. It is based on a treatment for a potential film trilogy.

Thanks to Neatorama


  1. dude...that was wicked a lost episode of Heroes...

    if i was not on

  2. I saw that the other day and didn't much like it. It'll get picked up, though. Heh.

  3. That was very cool! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi! Caffeinated Joe, Brian and JeffScape...
    Caffeinated Joe said, Cool eh?
    I agree with you, the video is interesting..."very interesting."
    $5000.00...can you imagine what he would have done with $10,000...
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

    Oops! I have been so busy...that I have not been able to visit the TT members, and other blogger friends. (I must "try" to rectify that... with try being the operative word.)


    Cheer up,
    keep visiting and welcome back any time!

  6. The film reminds me a little of the motion picture titled "District Nine"...the large UFO flying over the South Africian city is replaced be smaller flying sausers run by the L.A. Police Dept.

    The film, given its low budget, has very good special effects. I look forward to viewing the entire film.