Friday, October 8, 2010

Dracula vs the Atheist

Dracula Has Risen From the Grave

I have new horror movie hero!

While watching the classic 1969 Hammer Horror film "Dracula Has Risen From the Grave" the other day, I was surprised by a scene where a character professes himself an atheist. And not only does he profess this in a small town held hostage by being so close to Castle Dracula, he does it at his girlfriend's family home, where her uncle is visiting - her uncle who happens to be a Monsignor. Quite a brave lad, eh?

Paul - Dracula Has Risen
Maria and Paul, before they meet the Count!

Paul (played by actor Barry Andrews) risks losing the very beautiful Maria (Veronica Carlson) over his belief, since her family is quite connected to the church. But he sticks by his views and is honest in front of her very religious family, and refuses to quickly change his mind when the Monsignor, gravely injured by an encounter with the vampire, tells him he has to protect Maria and destroy Dracula. Even though Paul drives a stake into Dracula, he refuses to pray for the vampire's death at the pleas of a priest, preferring to battle him physically.

skip to 5:00 in to see the scene

In the end, Paul again battles Dracula (Christopher Lee), inadvertently sending the Count over a balcony to be impaled on a fallen crucifix. He then clambers back up to comfort Maria, leaving any praying for Dracula's demise to the priest. Whether Paul remains an atheist after confronting the supernatural so blatantly, we will never know.

A great review of the film can be found over at The [Horror] Film Connoisseur, along with more pics like the one above.

If anyone knows of other atheists in horror flicks, drop me a comment or an email!


  1. It is not the day, so often described as the hammer of the full moon night just add a darker shade of the lens, chris lee seemed he enjoyed whipping the horses.

  2. I cant remember any off of the top of my head, but I will be sure to drop back in if I think of any!

  3. Great post. I also recall being surprised by the presence of an atheist in a horror film, particularly a Hammer one. I'm sure atheists figure in other films but I can't think of any just now either!

  4. Yes! I thought that was a great moment in the film. And he isn't rude about what he's saying, he's just being honest. 'I don't deny it, I just don't believe in it'. Great stuff.