Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ben Cooper Costumes

When I was little, my mom made our costumes.
I remember being a clown and also a hobo.

But as we got older, we wanted more "serious" costumes.
Big kid stuff. Ben Cooper costumes.

And I don't remember which ones I wore.
I seem to think there may have been a CHiPs costume, or a Duke cousin.
But I honestly can't remember.

So, anyway, here are some Ben Cooper costumes I think are cool,
weird, or just creepy. Enjoy!

Aquaman (thanks to The Aquaman Shrine)
Why does Aquaman have a mask? He never wore a mask.
Technically, this means your costume is wearing a costume.
Meta before meta was a thing, I guess...

Dukes of Hazzard costumes.
Now that I see these, I really hope I wasn't a Duke boy.

The Six-Million Dollar Man
His eye is on fire...
And why did the costumes always have pictures of the characters on the chests?

Mork from Mork & Mindy
Can't decide whether this is great or creepy.
No, it's creepy.
And why does the face on the shirt look less like Robin Williams
than the oddly serious-looking mask does?

Devil & Frankenstein's Monster
So the costumes got less scary and more unsettling as time went on, I guess?
'Cause these two pretty much rock.

Samantha from Bewitched
Did Ben Cooper think she was a heavily made-up, slutty, bedraggled ho?
And this time, TWO pictures of herself on her top!

Laverne from Laverne & Shirley
Guess she had a tough day bottle-capping, since her mascara is running.
And the costume is "dressed" in what might be the worst fake clothes for any horrible plastic costume ever.

Fonzie from Happy Days
Again, you would be wearing the Fonz wearing the Fonz.
I guess it was just cool at the time.
And hey, at least the nose on this costume gave you some breathing room!

Sleestak from Land of the Lost
Okay, they made it less creepy in one sense,
and more creepy in a totally different way.

Seriously, why are clowns so damn creepy???

Do you all have a favorite Ben Cooper costume memory?
Share it in the comments!


  1. WOW Sleestaks! Really takes me back! Is it just me or is the Mork mask spot on?

  2. Those were great. I dug your choices. I love how they give you a mask to wear while Aquaman remains maskless on the chest art. Why not a blond headed mask? He gets no respect I tells ya.

    But them make Robin Williams nearly photorealistic. Insane.

    Plus Foxie. I got a sweet spot in my heart for that delinquent.

  3. dude...this post brought back the memories...great stuff....sleestaks rock!

  4. I love that Sleestak!

    We had costumes like that when I was a little kid, but I don't know who made them. I remember one year when my little sister and I went as Snoopy and Woodstock, but she wouldn't wear the mask because having it on scared her, so I didn't wear mine, either to show her it was okay. I think she was 3 and I was 5. Another year, I had a Scooby Doo costume... It seems like they must have been from the same manufacturer. Great memories!

  5. Great post! I always picked the generic costumes: cat, clown, etc., rather than the TV shows. But those too always had a photo on the front of the costume. As if people couldn't figure out what it was otherwise.

    Oddly enough, when I think of homemade costumes from that era, every second person seemed to be a hobo. Odd . . .

  6. My masks never stayed on with that cheapo elastic on the back...but I do remember being able to stick my tongue out through the little hole and then cutting my tongue...ah, good times, good times.