Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haunted Mansion

My son gave me the idea of doing a post on Disney's Haunted Mansion,
so here are photos and art concerning the ride, along with a quick
commercial promoting it from a few years back!

We went to Disney World in October a couple of years ago.
Was a fun time to see the park decorate for Halloween,
and visiting The Haunted Mansion then was even creepier!

Grim Grinning Ghosts - Haunted Mansion Theme


  1. Great ride and some really cool artwork, thanks for sharing.

  2. Mummbles: Thanks for commenting!

  3. love this rid eMelissa wants to go 10 times each visit i did notice they rebooted it however the last time we went, when the movie haunted mansion came out they changed the ride to promote the movie the head in the crystal ball was jennifer tilly and so on and last year when we went it was changed back to the original mansion...i guess even disney wasnt happy with the eddie murphy movie.

  4. jeffman: Who would be pleased with that movie? Disney needs to give that one a reboot! A scary Haunted Mansion movie is needed!

  5. Shag's Haunted Mansion Art is my absolute favorite! But then I love everything he does! And I love me some Haunted Mansion too! It was my tormentor as a shy, scared child....but it my favorite ride today! :o)

  6. they cant tho they have to appeal to the lil ones so they go half hearted into it and came out with that want to be funny lame fest ...i still cant believe terence stamp was in that...