Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Laverne and Shirley: Haunted House

Laverne & Shirley is one of my all-time favorite shows. I loved the Milwaukee seasons better than the Burbank seasons, but that is a debate for a different day.

Today I wanted to showcase a Halloween-ish episode of the show, "Haunted House", which first aired on March 22, 1977 during the show's second season. Why in March? I have no clue. But it is a perfect episode to watch around Halloween.

The plot: The girls need a new couch and when a local house has an estate sale, they head over. But the house is long-rumored to be haunted and Laverne, Shirley, Lenny and Squiggy will sound find out the truth for themselves!

A quote from the episode:

Shirley: (screaming after spotting a skull) This person didn't leave here alive.
Laverne: Shirl, it's a knick-knack.
Shirley: It's a skull!
Laverne: Does it have hair? Is it a hairy thing?
Shirley: No.
Laverne: Then we're staying.

Watch the entire episode below!

Fun stuff!

thanks to desperatehouselove for posting the videos


  1. How in the world did I miss that! Amazing...that totally took me back and made my day! Thanks!


  2. Thanks... Halloween episodes always warrant a viewing...