Friday, October 28, 2011

Great Scenes #5 - Psycho

For Great Scenes #5, we head back to 1960
and Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho.

What do I love? Well, everything.
First off, the acting, writing and directing in this scene is just superb.
All brought their best, and it shows. The dialogue between Norman and Marion is so polite, but also so subtle in its hidden meaning. Norman pretty much spills the truth right here about mother, that she is just like one of his stuffed birds. And he gets riled up at the mention of putting mother in a madhouse. We truly get to see just how unhinged he is. Too bad Marion didn't take the hint and hit the road!

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  1. never really appreciated this film until i was older and then it hit my mark

  2. jeffman: It is great when you can appreciate it in its entirety. I mean, the whole thing at the beginning with Marion is just a great character study in how far people will go sometimes.