Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Scenes #3 - Halloween

For the third Great Scene we go to the true classic,
my favorite film, John Carpenter's Halloween.

What do I like? Well, at this point in the film, we know Michael has escaped. Now we meet Laurie, the sweet, innocent teen walking to school and stopping to run a simple errand for her father. We also meet little Tommy, eager about Halloween and nervous about the old Myers house. And we almost see Michael as he watches them, barely hidden. Very creepy!

I love the subtlety here. And how Michael just chooses Laurie and Tommy to stalk because they just happen to be the ones outside his house that morning.
Remember, Laurie wasn't turned into Michael's sister until Part 2!
Here, it is all just random coincidence.

Very scary.


  1. one of the greatest scenes ever this and jason in the film where hes hiding and lightning shows him standing there

  2. jeffman: Both are great scenese. And the Jason one you're talking about is part 2 or 4, I think. I also love the scene in Friday the 13th Part 2 when Jason darts across the road when the sheriff is driving. Scary!