Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday the 13th: The Series Syfy Marathon

This week, life has gotten a little busy,
so the Friday the 13th: The Series recap
has to be postponed.

However, Syfy Channel is airing a marathon today.

The episode line-up is below,
the first ten episodes of the first season!
Not sure why they are being aired out of order.

If you click on each episode title,
you can go to the recap I have done for that episode,
with screen caps and commentary.


08:00 AM Cupid’s Quiver

09:00 AM The Poison Pen

10:00 AM A Cup Of Time

11:00 AM The Inheritance

12:00 PM Doctor Jack

02:00 PM Shadow Boxer

03:00 PM Hellowe’en

04:00 PM Root Of All Evil

Hope you enjoy the marathon!
I am hoping to watch as many episodes as I can.

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