Saturday, October 19, 2013

LEGO Monster Fighters

If they had these when I was a kid,
I would have collected and built them all.


Haunted House 

Beautiful house, beautiful accessories.
And the house opens - the rooms are accessible!


Vampyre Castle

Also beautiful with another array of great figures!



Love that they have the classic characters!
Werewolf and Creature from the Black Lagoon are great!


Ghost Train

The train is just great fun!
So creepy - and I love the green flame!


Skeletal Horse

This is amazing!
Kudos to them for even thinking it up!
Love it.


I am way past my LEGO days,
but I wanted to share them anyway.
I love these sets, and
love that LEGO is actually making them.

For more fun, go to the official site
for pictures, games, videos and more!


  1. I would've asked for the haunted house, but probably not the skeletal horse..

  2. we have the hearse set...its pretty cool...the houses are cool and a new haunted house set just came out...

  3. I personally like the first one but if it was up to my hubby, we would probably have them all!
    Too cool!

  4. Last year, I spent my cash on the Haunted House. Best decision of my life? Probably...

  5. Hmmmm . . . haven't played with Lego in years but I may have to start again!

  6. This is one of the greatest Lego lines ever for sure. My friend bought two haunted houses and combined them to form this gigantic multilevel haunted house. I keep telling him to take pictures so I can share them with the world, but he hasn't yet.

    1. That must be amazing to see! Order him to take pictures! :)