Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sexy Versions of Horror Villains

The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang site did a post about
The Worst "Sexy" Halloween Costumes.

That same day, while browsing a Halloween costume site,
I was shocked to come across one of those
sexy female version costumes of a certain horror movie villain.

Before I get to that costume,
let me post the others I came across,
in descending order of bad taste.

And disclaimer:
Do not get me wrong:
Everyone should wear whatever the hell they want.
I am just posting my opinions here.
You wanna be Sexy Ernest Borgnine, you go for it.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.


First up, Sexy Jason Voorhees

This one doesn't bother me as much as the others,
mainly because they aren't trying to recreate the actual villain,
instead making a Jason-like costume.
You get who she is portraying, but in a fun way.


Next, Sexy Freddy Krueger

Now, is the costume provocative? Yes. I don't dispute that.
But she is basically wearing a sexed-up version
of a child murder's outfit.
That doesn't scream "sexy" to me.


Here is Sexy Chucky

Um, okay.
Chucky is a child's toy possessed by a serial killer.
This makes that sexy?
Nope. This is creepy. In the wrong way.


Now we come to the one that just threw me.
I actually said "what the fuck?" out loud.

I present, Sexy Michael Myers

I love that the costume is head to toe,
instead of the mini-skirt workman's uniform we could have gotten.
And I am sure some designer out there had to actually fight for this.
But, it is just... so freaking wrong.



At least I didn't stumble across any Sexy Leatherface costume.
Those don't exist.... right???

I give up.

What do you think?
Sexy? Unsexy?
Let me know.


  1. Wouldn't "Sexy Ernest Borgnine" just be regular Ernest Borgnine? I mean this is Ernest Borgnine we're talking about here.

  2. Sexy Michael Myers just looks like a character from X-Men...

  3. You see why I only approve of these costumes if they are dressed as Supergirls. It's really not Jason without wearing the hockey mask and she didn't do her hair and make-up for an hour to do that.

    1. I just don't get it. If a girl really wants to be Jason, she will do proper cosplay for it, I am sure. Not something like these abominations!

  4. Nice Post - I try hard not to look at the "Sexy" Costumes because a little piece of Halloween joy dies somewhere because of these stupid things.

    It totally makes me think of the scene in "Mean Girls" where Lindsay Lohan goes to a Halloween party dressed up like an "Ex Wife" wearing blood and a wedding dress (that would be me). And all the other girls are wearing lingerie and animal ears.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKuF3fV8_yc (Watch that... Hilarious)

    1. Hah. I have never seen that movie. Might need to, now!

  5. It's just weird how they try to take anything and make it "sexy". Why can't they just make normal costumes based on women from horror movies, like Samara from The Ring or something?

  6. I like the freddy krueger and chucky . It sure to please the horror fan boyfriend right? anyway....

    1. Well, that depends on if the horror fan boyfriend is freaked out to see a villain in this way. But, I am sure most guys will just turn a blind eye, get the costume off and move on. LOL

  7. I'm pretty out of the loop on modern costumes in general - but are these sexy costumes just reserved for women - or do these exist for men too? although i'm not sure what that would even be! it's totally baffling to me too that a chick would dress up as a stripper version of any of these characters.

    1. I don't know, actually. We would have to have a male version of a female character and done in a sexy way. So... Who would that be? Carrie? Samara? Regan? And how do you make them A) male and B) sexy male? I am lost.

    2. ha! well actually i was thinking of the male characters - so sexy Michael Meyers would maybe be a speedo made out of grey canvas work uniform material and the mask and some boots. a male sexy Carrie or Samara or Regan would be awesome though! but it might wind up looking like a Jesus costume if it's just a loincloth type thing and a long ratty wig. it looks like i'm lost too :)