Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween IV on the Big Screen!

Last night, my wife and I were lucky enough to have
one of my favorite horror films show on a big screen!

Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers was screened in 35mm
at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, R.I.

Not only was Halloween IV screened, but we got to see a ton of old trailers
for classic films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Final Exam, Slumber Party Massacre
- as well as all the trailers for the Halloween films from Part 2 to 6!

On hand was Justin Beahm, who is the writer of You Can't Kill the Bogeyman, a short about the impact of Michael Myers and the Halloween films and who is currently writing what he calls "the definitive book on the Halloween franchise." I will be getting that book! He talked last night about the films, not just Part IV, but all of the movies and he answered questions, as well. It was interesting to hear him talk about something he obviously has a lot of love for. Very cool.

After Halloween IV and the trailers, there was a screening of a second film, Boo, from 2005. It was good to see this again, as I didn't recall my first viewing. After this film, its writer/director Anthony C. Ferrante was on hand to talk about the making of the film and answer questions from the audience. Interesting to hear him talk about the movie, which was his first film, and what he would do differently now. You might know him better as the director of Syfy's Sharknado.

It was a great night in a very old, beautiful theater.
Thanks to Joshua Thomas Gravel and the Arkham Film Society for this event.
I truly hope they do more in the future!

Here's one of the trailers that they showed last night,
for the 1981 film Final Exam,
one I have never seen but want to now so badly!


  1. Wow this sounds like an amazingly fun event. I love Halloween IV. This is so cool that you got to experience this. I even love that they showed the trailers, and that trailer for Final Exam looks amazing.

    1. I was fun. I didn't expect the guys to be there talking about the films, thought it was just movies and that is it. So very pleasantly surprised!

  2. Super jealous. I love Halloween 4!

    1. There were plenty of empty seats! Hopefully that doesn't mean they won't do this again.

  3. Super jealous. I love Halloween 4!