Monday, June 22, 2009

Guess Who Is 60 Today?

Bionic Woman Logo

~~ The great Lindsay Wagner is 60 years old today. ~~

Lindsay 2

~~ My very first crush was on Jaime Sommers. ~~

Lindsay 1

~~ She was played perfectly by Ms. Wagner. ~~


~~ Who won an Emmy as Best Dramatic Actress for the role. ~~

Lindsay 3

~~ Happy Birthday Lindsay! ~~


Lindsay's "Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart" site,

Lindsay's Official Fan Club

The Fanland of Lindsay Wagner

A collection of Bionic Woman toys and merchandise.

The Bionic Woman Files

Lindsay's IMDb Page


  1. Your weird. Jamie Summers (sp?) is strange.

  2. ok, not weird. guess you had to be a little boy in the era to understand. smiles. happy birthday bionic woman!

  3. Wings, ignore. I'm sure you weren't the only one( tho' Olivia Newton-John was a fave of mine ) WHAT? Happy b-day to Lindsay!

  4. So not weird. I wanted to be the bionic woman in the worst way. Happy Birthday Jamie/Lindsay!

  5. When I was a kid my parents would buy my sister and I two records a month. I traded my sister 2 of my choices for her Bionic Woman doll/action figure. I told her it was because my Six Million Dollar Man was lonely but in truth I just loved the character so much.

  6. Nicole is obviously threatened by Jamie's bionic hotness.

  7. Nicole: She was (still is, IMO) a star in her day!

    Brian: See? Brian knows! :)

    Ravyn: hahahaha

    Subtorp: Olivia was a later crush for me, too. ;)

    Kate: I hear ya! I wanted to BE Steve Austin!

    Cal: Sounds like a great trade to me!

    Jeff: She still looks great. Glad to see she is aging normally and doesn't look surprised!

    Gilligan: hahahahahaha

  8. Wings, HA! I suspected as much! And then there was Saturday mornings...Kroftt Bros. EW&DG. Or am I going back too far for ya?

  9. Subtorp: Not too far back for me! I remember EW & DG, all too well! And Isis, too!

  10. ***Sigh*** to bad the pilot for the remake didn' off!

  11. God and she still looks stunning!

  12. Not so weird at all - oh, and she so doesn't look 60!