Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Funny - Pearls Before Swine

This week's Sunday Funny is a more popular strip, and one that also runs in over 400 newspapers worldwide - "Pearls Before Swine".

click to enlarge

The strip above is one of my favorites. Just says so much in just that final panel.

Created by Stephen Pastis, the strip is an odd mix of humor dealing with four animal friends and the other characters in their lives. Rat, Pig, Zebra and Goat are very different, but each great in their own way. Pastis even appears in the strip himself occasionally, usually when Rat is admonishing him for a joke he doesn't care for.

On the official site, you can view archives, go to the official blog, shop at the Cafe Press store and read a FAQ. Wikipedia has a biography of Stephen Pastis, and you can even "friend" him on Facebook!



  1. if only guarantees of satisfaction were transferrable....cute strip

  2. I love this strip--usually; pig is always spot on...the crocs are kind of irritating...funny stuff!

  3. The package did say "satisfaction guaranteed," and the pig wasn't satisfied . . .

  4. this is pretty cool actually :)