Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Most Hated Meme

You know I like memes. When I saw this one (I can't remember who started it), I thought about it, but then forgot.

When Cal did this, and then Darius did it, too, I had to put in my two cents (and more).

As Darius said, he tries to be positive online, and I try to, as well. So, in that vein, tomorrow I will re-do this one, changing it from "hate" to "love".

So, here we go:

1. Most Hated Food: Lobster/Crab and Octopi/Squid. I look at crustaceans as insects of the sea, and the cephalopods are like living boogers. All are just too creepy.

2. Most Hated Person: No one in particular, but I cannot stand self-righteous religious fanatics who smile at me like I am just confused or misguided.

3. Most Hated Job: Grill cook at Papa Gino's.

4. Most Hated City: No particular city, but some of the ones I have driven through in Florida are pretty bleak and depressing.

5. Most Hated Band: The Jonas Brothers. Luckily, my daughter's iPod is not a wePod.

6. Most Hated Website: Our local paper has a website that does more crashing than anything. Way to keep people interested!

7. Most Hated TV Program: Jon & Kate Screw Up 8

8. Most Hated Movie: Happily N'ever After. What the hell is that unfunny piece of crap? Just cause it's a "kids' movie" doesn't mean you can just throw together pretty pictures and inane dialogue. Even my kids hate it.

9. Most Hated Artist: Ashley Simpson, if she even counts as an artist. Just trying to cash in on her sister's already shaky claim to fame.

10. Most Hated Book: Honestly? I have tried three separate times to read "The Hobbit" and I cannot get through it. It is one of only two books I ever stopped reading, the other being "The Poseidon Adventure".

11. Most Hated Shop: Ocean State Job Lot, but only because of some rude workers I have had the displeasure of dealing with.

12. Most Hated Organization: Scientology. I mean, really? Christianity already had fairy tales being taken as historical facts, and someone created an even more bizarre, less believable religion and people buy into it??? I don't get it.

13. Most Hated Historical Event: Too many to choose from, sadly.

14. Most Hated Sport: Football. Hate me all you want, I just don't see the appeal.

15. Most Hated Piece of Tech: Bluetooth, but only when it is used outside of a car. You know, when it is NOT needed.

16. Most Hated Annual Event: Kids' first day of school. Time just flies, man.

17. Most Hated Daily Task: Putting on my socks. Don't take things for granted, kids!

18. Most Hated Comedian: Andrew Dice Clay.

What do you think?


  1. i am with on the first day of school. as much as they hate it...i do as well. lose my playmates for too many hours of the day. ha.

    look forward to round 2 tomorrow.

  2. Good list...I need to do the most loved one too. Its such a no brainer. Glad you were using our common brain today.

  3. Excellent. I'm going to have to do this one. I might do both versions in one post though. So I can admit my love for football! ;)

    Spot on with the Scientology pick. WTF????

  4. Oh I'm just cranky enough to do this one. . feeling very feisty tonight! How can you hate seafood . .and you copped out on the person and city! Chicken! Yep, I'm nicken' it right now!

  5. My thoughts:
    1. Most Hated Food: I agree with Wings on the seafood crud, but mushrooms really freak me out. Won't eat 'em, ever.
    2. Most Hated Person: Tough one. I usually say "I hate people" as a general, blanket statement, but I'm going to go with my son's father - jack ass.
    3. Most Hated Job: My own? Probably when I worked at the newspaper - ugh. But for any job, I'd have to go with sewer workers.
    4. Most Hated City: Barstow, CA
    5. Most Hated Band: Sex Pistols.
    6. Most Hated Website: I'll have to go with Wings on this one too. Sucks when the local "paper" can't be read online.
    7. Most Hated TV Program: This is a tough one. If I hate a show, I generally don't watch it. That said, I grew to hate CSI: Miami - AAAAIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHH
    8. Most Hated Movie: I don't recall Happily N'Ever After for the most part, but I've seen some nasty ass horror films that would make most grown men cry (but not my grown man - who loves that stuff)
    9. Most Hated Artist: Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian - these people who have done nothing to merit publicity.
    10. Most Hated Book: The one that sticks in my mind is the first book my now-husband sent to me back in the day: Doorway to December.
    11. Most Hated Shop: Hmmmm Macy's - snooty store!
    12. Most Hated Organization: Scientologist - 'nuff said.
    13. Most Hated Historical Event: 9/11
    14. Most Hated Sport: Bike racing.
    15. Most Hated Piece of Tech: I'm with Wings again on this one - Bluetooth. There is a guy at my work who sits 5 cubes down from me, who walks around the office while on a conference call. He's a tool.
    16. Most Hated Annual Event: Gynecological
    17. Most Hated Daily Task: Getting up to go to work. Ugh.
    18. Most Hated Comedian: Carrot Top (what is THAT all about?)

  6. I'm with you on many of these...especially the bluetooth thing...and cell phones in general...they are way overused.

  7. "wePod" :-)

    I should have mentioned BT, on others. I saw a movie and some due 5 rows up had his stupid blue light blipping through the whole movie. Ugh.

  8. I may try this one Wings. I've got lots of hate build-up that needs shedding, wot? And just read Baino's, as well as yours...

  9. My take (and I like your lists):
    1. Most Hated Food: Mashed potatoes (and related mushy foods)

    2. Most Hated Person: Tough but I would have to say that my previous boss would probably qualify.

    3. Most Hated Job: Home care nursing aide. Sad and gross how some people live.

    4. Most Hated City: Titusville (and only because most men call it Titsville, sigh)

    5. Most Hated Band: The Jonas Brothers. I do NOT get what they are supposed to be.

    6. Most Hated Website: Facebook changes totally ticked me off but Worc paper website just frosts my cookies with its problems and error messages.

    7. Most Hated TV Program: The new show starring that poor excuse for a mother, the octo-mom Nadya PieceOfShit.

    8. Most Hated Movie: Whatever that clown movie is that so terrified the girls (when they were little).

    9. Most Hated Artist: Any of those twits who are famous for being famous. Grrr

    10. Most Hated Book: 1984. Just didn't get it.

    11. Most Hated Shop: CVS stores.

    12. Most Hated Organization: See #11. Must be because I worked for them. I know wayyy too much.

    13. Most Hated Historical Event: Anything planned, plotted and photograhed.

    14. Most Hated Sport: Softball. Hated playing it.

    15. Most Hated Piece of Tech: I have to go with Wings and Raven on this one: Bluetooth.

    16. Most Hated Annual Event: Recently, my birthday. Just a reminder that I have, once again, not accomplished what I could have, should have or wanted to.

    17. Most Hated Daily Task: Taking my pills.

    18. Most Hated Comedian: Bobcat Goldthwait, misogynist.

  10. Brian: Yeah, I hear ya! Too old too fast.

    Cal: Always glad to help!

    Megan: No clue about Scientology. Very bizarre!

    Baino: Gonna go check your site and see if you did it, too!

    Ravyn: Carrot Top gets more and more strange as time goes on!

    Tom: Oh yeah, I agree. Whatever happened to the time when being out of touch for a few hours or an afternoon was a good thing?

    Darius: That would annoy the crap out of me!

    Subtorp: Always good to vent a bit!

    Candie: Thanks! :)

    Jacki: Mashed Potatoes are GOOOOOD!