Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Most Loved Meme

Okay, yesterday was about the "hate", so today is all about the "love"

And I am already late, as Cal has already done this one, as have Darius Whiteplume and Dr. Monkey!

Love Coffee

Here we go:

1. Most Loved Food: So many to choose from! I will go with Chicken Parmigiana with Garlic Bread. Mmmmmm

2. Most Loved Person: That would be Ravyn, my Mrs. I am one lucky dude!

3. Most Loved Job: Have to say that I loved aspects of my supermarket job. The organization part of it filled a neurotic OCD need my brain has, which in turn made me pretty good at it.

4. Most Loved City: Well, it's a town, but I really love little York, Maine.

5. Most Loved Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers.

6. Most Loved Website: I guess I will have to go with IMDb, since I am always checking it to find out some obscure fact or another about movies and TV.

7. Most Loved TV Program: Friday the 13th: The Series

8. Most Loved Movie: Halloween. The original, not the remake, of course.

9. Most Loved Artist: Dolly Parton. I know you may think I am playing loose with the term, but I am not. She has such a talent for writing and performing music that hits just the write spot in the heart and brain.

10. Most Loved Book: The Princess Bride by William Goldman. The movie is awesome and the book is so wonderful, as well. I think I am gonna read it again this year.

11. Most Loved Shop: Yummies in Kittery, Maine. Wall-to-wall candy, with many retro favorites.

12. Most Loved Organization: The ACLU.

13. Most Loved Historical Event: Darwin's voyage on the HMS Beagle.

14. Most Loved Sport: Baseball, 'nuf said.

15. Most Loved Piece of Tech: PCs. They have changed the world, and my life is one of the many profoundly affected for the better.

16. Most Loved Annual Event: Christmastime. We celebrate a non-religious holiday that goes from the day after Thanksgiving until New Year's Day, and we try and enjoy everything about the season, so that it isn't all just build up for one quick day.

17. Most Loved Daily Task: Having the first cup of coffee in the morning.

18. Most Loved Comedian: Right now, it is Jeff Dunham and his menagerie.

What do you think?


  1. Excellent. I am a big Dolly fan too.

  2. great follow up list to yesterday!

  3. Okay, here are my choices:
    1. Most Loved Food: Cheese pizza
    2. Most Loved Person: Wings, followed by my 3 kids as a very close second!
    3. Most Loved Job: motherhood
    4. Most Loved City: York, ME
    5. Most Loved Band: Aerosmith
    6. Most Loved Website:
    7. Most Loved TV Program: I'm a TV hard to choose...but I'm going to go with Prison Break - ask me tomorrow and it'll probably change.
    8. Most Loved Movie: I'm a movie hard to choose...but I'm going to go with It's A Wonderful Life followed closely by Christmas Vacation
    9. Most Loved Artist: Bob Ross
    10. Most Loved Book: Thurston House
    11. Most Loved Shop: Yummies as well
    12. Most Loved Organization: Hmmmm...I'm going to go with MLB
    13. Most Loved Historical Event: 2004 Red Sox World Championship
    14. Most Loved Sport: Baseball
    15. Most Loved Piece of Tech: definitely the computer (hi honey!)
    16. Most Loved Annual Event: Ditto with Wings
    17. Most Loved Daily Task: Leaving work
    18. Most Loved Comedien: also currently is Jeff Dunham. Exceptional!

  4. Oh I loved the Hate one, now I'll have to do the Love one! So with you on the Princess Bride and you're dead on with the PC. I feel so old being someone who was around when they were brought into common use! I get a giggle when someone asks me "How are your PC skills" it's like "baby, I've been around as long as they have!"

  5. I did the hate one. I guess I'm behind the curve - you guys are busy spreading love, while I'm still spreading hate. ;-)

  6. I feel old too. My first laptop (Mom's really) was a Panasonic with EGA graphics, DOS, and was as big as a typewriter.

  7. Darius: Good to know I have a fellow fan!

    Brian: Thanks!

    Ravyn: A good list, as well, and shows how much we have in common! :)

    Baino: Yeah, I rememeber when people without PCs were the norm! hahaha

    Gilligan: Well, now you have a new, more positive meme to tackle!

  8. I totally agree about Dolly. She's the most underrated artist in the world. And I am with you on the holidays, I'm in a holiday mood beginning on Thanksgiving and it goes through Groundhog day. Then I'm ready for spring and summer.

  9. Speaking of Dolly, I got on a weird Charo kick yesterday. Here is a link to her playing guitar on the Martha Stewart show. - she is pretty bad-ass.