Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Strange Stuff to Share

Cal did a great post at his Canadian Cave of Coolness, where he posted some pics that just didn't fit anywhere. I myself have built up a few very odd 'odds and ends', and today I am sharing some with lucky little you!


First up, this is another Augmented Reality site (which I previously blogged about here) called Living Sasquatch.

Yep, you can make a virtual Sasquatch and watch him go through some emotions and movements. Very cool.

I made a little video myself: Bigfoot was in the house!

Weird, but fun!


Now this photo:

Midget on Table

I don't know what is weirder: the giant midget squatting on the table, the girl watching him or the MONKEY UNDER HER CHAIR!!!

What the hell...


Here is a cute (???) pic of Jason Voorhees as a kid:

Tiny Terrors Jason

Not sure if the seller is also the artist, but this is available to purchase on eBay. They are also selling versions with Freddy Kreuger, Pinhead and Leatherface, but not this one:

Tiny Terrors Michael

Jason and Michael "cute"... Not sure about that!


Some fun & sorta-easy games I have been enjoying:

Use Boxmen by Greg Sergeant

Star Beacons on Steel Panda

Four fun games promoting the new Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs


I highlighted Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal already in a Sunday Funny post, but this strip is just too good not to share:


Okay, shouldn't WE be the ones freaked out?!?


Again, what the hell???


Couple of links for ya:

50 Films You Can Wait to See After You're Dead

15 Awful Sequels to Great Horror Movies


Who, tell me, WHO would sit in this chair???

Sheep Chair

via freshome


Okay... enough is enough. I leave you with a happy pic:

Happy Midget

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. omg. i need to go get some mental floss at this point. lol. who DOES sit in the sheep chair? if you find out, please let me know so i can stay far away. too much! lol. have a great weekend!

  2. and i quote "what the hell?"

  3. i had a weirdness comment in my head till I got to that sheep chair picture

    now i am speechless

  4. the pic of the horse head guy holding the cat on the boat was my screen saver for a month. one time a client saw it and we talked about it and Deadliest Catch for about an hour.

  5. I knew that 'kitties' were tough but now we know they are the DEADLIEST catch.

  6. That Picture is unrelated site is err,mmmm.........FANTASTIC!!!!!

  7. Those pictures were hysterical!!!

  8. Oh WT...LOL!The man without head and that chair!LOL,crazy stuffs!

  9. Excellent. I love the weird! Although I do have a friend who nursed a man who got his thing stuck in a vacuum cleaner hose so the 'happy snap' could have had a tragic ending. Sorry, TMI I know!