Friday, June 26, 2009

My Daughter Met --- AQUAMAN!

My daughter and a bunch of her friends and schoolmates went on post-school trip to Six Flags New England today.

She had a great time, which was made even better when she met Aquaman!

pic is small due to cell phone

She has this to say about meeting the King of the Seas:

"Today, I met Aquaman. I was visiting Six Flags, and they had The Hall Of Justice, with Batman, Robin, The Green Lantern, and Aquaman inside. My friend Sarah and I visited the superheroes at least twenty times, and bugged the funions out of them. Aquaman and Batman gave us super-powers and super-names. Sarah could make dreams come true, (was) named Dream Catcher, and I was super fast, (and) named Synapse. Batman named us; he's a dork. Synapse are apparently fast things in your brain.

The superheroes signed my basketball, and Batman wrote on the part most difficult to see; Robin scolded him for that. Aquaman also signed my brand-new Aquaman t-shirt.

Aquaman had blonde slicked-back hair, the gold scaly chest, gold shoulder things, green gloves, an Aquaman belt, the green Spandex pants, and snazzy green boots. He welcomed our many returns, and told us Aqualad was at school in Atlantis. Sarah said it was summer, and he told us it's not summer in Atlantis. We then asked where Mera was, I forget what he said... I think he said she couldn't make it.

When I was telling him about my Aquabsessed (Aquaman obsessed) Dad, and I told him about the Aquaman signed comic page he has, he couldn't remember the name of his creator. It was funny =D!

Also, when we left for the last time, he held up his hand as though to wave (but didn't move his hand), so Sarah and I did the Live Long and Prosper sign, and he said, "What does that mean?" (he didn't know about the surface world, he told us), and we said, "It means 'Live Long and Prosper'!", and he said, "Is that a cultural thing?". I responded, "Yes. We are Vulcans." Aquaman was a very nice person, and Sarah and I enjoyed meeting him. =D "

This is the Aquaman "A" in the Hall of Justice:

Here is a pic of her looking very cute, with the shirt she bought and had signed by Aquaman:

Here is a close-up of the very cool t-shirt:

And a close up of the basketball she had signed by Aquaman, Green Lantern, Batman and Robin:

Very cool! Glad she had a great time!

And glad Six Flags is still showcasing DC's Finest!



  1. Your daughter is adorable - plain and simple.

    There's nothing to it, I'll just HAVE to adopt a child. They're too cute not to :D

    Mind you, maybe I should wait until I'm 'officially' an adult (i.e. next year)~!

    - Zac

  2. AWWWWW I SO want to go somewhere like that...if I was a chaperone I totally would have been removed by security and be made to wait on the bus till the end of the day because I was so annoying to the superheroes. Nicole ROCKS...what a great kid.

  3. Wow, that is sooooooo cool. I'm jealous. And your daughter is too cute for words, she's a doll.

  4. Sweet...and your daughter is a good writer...
    did she ride the roller coasters too?

  5. I'm imagining you clocking "Aquaman" for not knowing who Mort Weisinger was.

    That, I'd pay to see.

  6. very cool! DC rocks Marvels socks off any day! Aquaman looked a bit small in the pic...would love to have been there and my boys would have flipped out!

  7. TOM: I did ride Batman: The Dark Knight twice. I rode some other rides, but that's the only coaster.

    CAL: Sarah and I were so annoying to the superheroes... We went back so many times that even the employees that weren't dressed up welcomed us back each time! We even transferred messages from Captain Cold to the superheroes.


    JEFFSCAPE: It was funny when he tried to think of the name =D!

    BRIAN MILLER: It was very fun, and the picture is small because I took it on my phone, so Aqauman seemed smaller. He was actually pretty tall.

  8. Awesome! Looks like a great time, and I love that Aquaman t-shirt!

  9. There was a CAPTAIN COLD too???? OMG...I am going to move there to live permanently! My car folds out into a shanty town.

  10. I'm such a trogladite. I've never heard of Aquaman . . . shame on me! As for Captain Cold? OK I'm going . .tail between my legs.

  11. lol! He signed it with AQUAMAN in capital letters!

    I love Six Flags. :D

  12. Batman is a dork? I always had my suspicions...

  13. That is fabulous! I came to see your TT post, but this was just too good. Your daughter is very sharp and funny. Thanks for sharing this. Great! "AQUAMAN!" Heh!Heh! Hey, have you seen Craig Ferguson's take on Aquaman? Way silly, sort of like everything he does. ;-)

  14. Hi! Caffeinated Joe,
    What a nice post!...I'am glad that your daughter Nicole, and her friend Sarah, were able to meet Aquaman, Batman, Robin and The Green Lantern.

    Nicole said,"My friend Sarah and I visited the superheroes at least twenty times, and bugged the funions out of them.
    LOL!!!! too funny!

    Take care!
    DeeDee ;-D

  15. I have nominated you for the Outstanding Blog Award

  16. Great post, keep up the good work!