Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Funny - Least I Could Do

Today's comic strip is Least I Can Do, by Sohmer and Lar.

This fun strip is about Rayne Summers and his friends Noel, Mick and John, and others in their orbit.

Here is a tame example (click to enlarge):

I had to search for one that was 'safe' for all eyes! hahahaha

Least I Could Do is great fun, and Rayne is quite an interesting character. He has a love for all things 'pop culture' and a passion for life that sometimes goes over-the-top!

On Sundays, the strip is called Least I Could Do Beginnings, and features a very young Rayne and his family. Here is today's strip (again, click to enlarge):

Fun to see how Rayne was as kid and how he became the man he is today!

At the site, you can view archives, learn about the cast of characters, download avatars or wallpapers, read the forums or visit their online store.

If you have Facebook, you can also add 'Rayne Summers' as a friend!

Hope you enjoy it, I know I don't miss a day!


  1. nice. crisp art and fun content. thanks for the intro. think i may have used yarn for my Indy whip as a lad.