Thursday, June 18, 2009

Theme Thursday - Roof

Two ideas for this week's Theme Thursday, which is "Roof".


First, this joke:

There are two brothers, Sam and Dean. Sam asks Dean to to watch his house and cat while he is away on vacation. After a few days, Sam calls Dean.

"Hey, how are things? House still standing? How's my cat doing?"

Dean swallowed hard, "Well yeah man, your house is still standing. Nice place you have here. Sorry to tell you this, though, but you cat died."

"What?" Sam said. "You just can't tell someone that their cat is dead. You have to break it to them gently. The first time I call you should say that the cat is on the roof, trying to catch a bird. The second call you should say the cat fell trying to catch the bird as it flew away, and now it's at the vet. The third call you should be to tell me that the vet says that it's not looking good for the cat. On the fourth call you let me know that my cat died peacefully in its sleep."

Dean agreed.

"So," Sam continues. "How's Grandma?"

"Well, Grandma's on the roof."

This is a great joke that my wife and I, and others in the family, still refer to. "They're on the roof." is all we have to say, and we know what we are talking about!


Scene from "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers"

(just the first 2 minutes of the following video involve "roof")

Love how brave Rachel is, trying to save Jamie and herself, with Michael right on their tails! This movie is okay, not as good as the original, but not as bad as Part 6!


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  1. How the hell do these killers who only walk catch up to their victims, who always run?

  2. Enjoyed your roofs!!
    Mine is posted.

  3. You gotta wonder if maybe the victims didn't scream so much would they be seen by the killer? hehe

  4. Great joke! "They're on the roof" says it all doesn't it?

  5. poor hope you have a great tt!

  6. "Grandma's on the roof" HAW! reminds me of Imogene Coca in 'Vacation'; strapped to the top of the wagon!

  7. love the joke - can't watch the clip.....have never seen any Halloween's....just can't go there

  8. You know, Silver Fox has a point!

    Love the joke...

  9. Loved the joke and then started on what I thought was a short clip and then it clicked up to a longer version and went as far as them going down the highway with men in a truck, see state troopers and then he kills all the men in the truck and the truck sverves with them screaming. Not sure how it did that, but could not stop. I do hate scarey movies and would not normally watch, but just could not stop.

    God bless.

  10. I'm such a bad joke teller, but I think I've got this one down, and I'm going to lay it on my husband when he gets home.

    Loved the clip!

  11. One joke that never gets old. Even my grandkids are now telling it with style.

    Have a great TT.

  12. I'm w the Fox.

    Plus I don't like slasher/scary movies.

    Like the joke though. Sounds straight out of a National Lampoon movie w/ Chevy Chase.

  13. I used to LOVE the scary movie I have turned into a Lily Livered WIMP...I want to scream RUN!!!! RUN!!!!!!

    Happy TT!

  14. Heh-heh! Thanks for the chuckles!!

  15. I've never had to run from a serial killer BUT I have had to run from scary people before, and I am damn good at it. Don't run and yell, run silently and hide.

    Oh, and victims, when you hide...DON'T BLOODY BREATHE, or WHINE, or WHIMPER. THEY. WILL. FIND. YOU!

    - Zac

  16. did you know, Sam Waterson told that joke in Capricorn 1...really good movie if you haven't seen it.

  17. Nice joke. If I dangled from my gutters like that, they'd break and I'd hit the pavement like a lump of strawberry jam!

  18. Love the joke. Seldom watch scary movies. The roof scene makes my feet cramp,trying not to fall

  19. HA! Grandma gets a lot of exercise.

  20. Hi! Caffeinated Joe,
    The joke is a "classic"...interesting and funny!
    Now the scene... from the film Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
    I must admit I stopped the video when he started to slash at the woman and I heard the sounds of the "metal blade." However, I get the "gist" of where you are going without having to watch the video in it entirety.

    By the way, LOL!!!! Silver Fox!
    Take care!
    C.J. and nice TT post!

  21. Silver Fox: One of their special talents!

    Mar: Thanks!

    Ravyn: Probably, although the killers have a sixth sense, it seems. :)

    Ronda: Yes indeedy it does!

    Brian: Thanks!

    Candie: I think so. :)

    Marianne: Yes! :)

    subtorp: Yes! I forgot about that!!! hahahaha

    Mary: They aren't for everyone, that's for sure!

    Betsy: Yes, he does! :)

    Mrsupole: hahaha Well, I hope it didn't freak you out, too much!

    Leah: Hope he laughed!

    Rita: Oldie but a goodie!

    California Girl: Yes, I had forgotten about that, but it fits!

    Jill: hahahaha - Thanks for stopping by!

    Willow: You're welcome! :)

    Zac: Too true!

    Tom: I did not know that! Haven't seen that flick! Cool. :)

    Baino: Eeep! That wouldn't be good!

    dreamhaven: Thanks for stopping by though! :)

    Gabby: hahahahah Yeah!

    DeeDee: Well, at least your watched some of it! :)

    Thanks for the comments everyone!