Thursday, June 11, 2009

Theme Thursday - Swing

The theme chosen this week at Theme Thursday was "Swing".

Tough theme, I kept drawing a blank. Here is what I came up with:


Baseball Swing, Part One

I never played Little League as a kid, but my youngest son is playing on AAA for the first time this Spring. His team has been doing great, and the kids (and their parents) are having a fun time.

Little League

He usually has the position of catcher, which he has improved at so much over the season. But one of the things he has been working hard on is batting. He had gone quite a few games without a hit and it was bugging him. Everyone had advice and tips for him, and he was trying it all.

A couple of games ago, he got his first hit, a bunt. Very cool! And tonight, he had another bunt and then got a great hit, a grounder that cracked off the bat. The throw to first was fast, and he was out, but it was an awesome hit!

Great job, Dave!


Baseball Swing, Part Two

A major league baseball player having issues with the swing of the bat is David Ortiz, the Red Sox DH (Designated Hitter). He has been having a really tough year, with his stats down all over the place.


But the faith us Red Sox fans have for our Big Papi hasn't shaken. We are pulling for him each and every game. Last night, he had a great home run against the Yankees, and I don't know who was more thrilled - Ortiz or the fans!

You can do it, Big Papi!


Next is this amusement park ride, called the 'Alpine Swing':

alpine swing

I haven't gone on one of these since I was a little kid, but my younger kids and our 'nephew' have gone on it quite a number of times. I can only imagine the feeling of freedom they feel is mixed with a little bit of nausea!


Last is one of my favorite places to sit, when the weather permits it:

This is a stock photo, but the same model we have.

This is the swing we have on our deck, overlooking our backyard. I love just sitting and swinging with my wife, watching the kids play or swim in the pool, tossing rocks for our dog to search for, and sometimes just enjoying the day, a cool breeze, and peace and quiet.

We also love that the two side tables are ATTACHED to the whole frame. We had little tables with our previous swing, but our dog and/or kids kept knocking them over. No more now!


Hope you had fun with these random bits and pieces. If you get a chance, swing on over to the Theme Thursday site and check out what the other bloggers have in store for this theme!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am jealous of that backyard swing!

  2. My son just finished his first swing at Little League Ball. He loved it even though he was scared to swing on home plate. Great take on TT. Love your back yard swing, too!

  3. Sometimes it is hard to wait out those dry spells. I'm glad his (and Ortiz's) bat is hot again. Fun post.

  4. Actually ALL my son could do was hit a ball out of the park. Couldn't field, couldn't run . . hopeless.

    I love the carousel. It could easily have been a photo I took at our Royal Easter Show, it's the only time I ever see a real old fashioned one like that.

    We had a porch swing too but it was made out of treated pine and eventually just weathered away . . Nothing nicer than a slow swing, a cool drink and a warm evening.

  5. Love the part of the day. :)

  6. OH NO! A Red Sox fan! Oh well, I forgive you. :)

  7. great job Dave! nice trip through the swings...especially the one in the backyard. think i could sit for hours...

  8. I love your swing. (I was going to comment on the patio until you said it was a stock photo).

    Way to go Dave!


  9. Your swing is perfect for a lazy summer day! Fun swingy post.

  10. Enjoyed the baseball part, having played LL as a boy. The Alpine Swing I woulda loved around the same age; today, the patrons below wouldn't enjoy me being up there swingin' around any more than I would. If I did that now, I wouldn't be able to wait to get back to that great, earthbound looking porch swing. Yeah, that one would get a lot of use around here.

  11. Love watching little guys play fun! Great swinging post!

  12. Great thoughts on "swing"
    Love your swing!

  13. So great that he got a hit, many more hits will follow and then he will have forgotten these days of no hits.

    I love the porch swing and the tables attached are cool. What fun it must be to sit and swing, snuggle and sip some drinks watching the sunset.

    Thanks for sharing your son's story. I loved playing softball as a young girl. I wish I had never stopped.

    God bless.

  14. I have a Boston Friend who ships me Red Sox stuff.Im the only Red Sox fan in Yorkshire,England!!!!

  15. I popped on to see you theme Thursday and got caught up in the 100 Movie Lines post - that was great! I'm a movie lover and I agree The Princess Bride line should have been in it. Looking forward to reading more.

  16. Nice selections for the theme. I really like your porch swing. I might consider getting one for my porch.

  17. I love your porch swing. I think the porch swing symbolizes a way of life that most of us have lost - one that includes long summer evenings of quiet conversation, soothing motion, and moonlight through the trees. Thanks for the fantasy, Joe.

  18. that alpine swing always made me sick...

    i can't wait until my little guy is old enough to play ball! i was a catcher too - and was a far better behind the plate than i ever was swinging the bat!

  19. Bully for him, your son! All he needed was just a little contact with the ball...and no worries about stats, either. Nice take on the theme!

  20. Leah: It is nice. :)

    Liza: Thanks!

    Ronda: Yeah, Ortiz got another homer last night!

    Baino: Sounds wonderful!

    Ravyn: I agree!

    Otin: BIG Red Sox fans here!

    Brian: Sometimes we do. :)

    Kat: Thanks, from both Dave and I!

    Tom: Thanks for reading.

    Willow: Thank you!

    A.Decker: You and me both on the Alpine Swing!

    Betsy: It is fun!

    Nanny: Thank you!

    Mrsupole: Thanks! We do love the swing!

    Tony: Good to hear there is a Sox fan so far away!

    Kate: Glad you like both posts! Thanks for browsing around!

    Dakota: You will love it, too!

    Sandra: I agree!!!

    Jaime: You are in for some good times! Good luck to him!

    Silver Fox: Thanks!

    subtorp: Oh definitely. He will do great now that the ice is broken!

    Thanks for all the comments!

  21. Hi! Caffeinated Joe,
    Nice post!...In part 1 and covered all the bases!..."Congrats! to your son.
    I was wayyyy to afraid of height to ride on that type of Merry-go-round!as a small child, but a very nice looking swing in your backyard though!
    C.J.,I hope that you, don't "ban" me, but I like the Yankees, but to be quite honest...just Baseball great...Lou Gehrig.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  22. great play! the last one looks really comfortable. :D I'd love to have it in my backyard!